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Fits: 2.8L Engine - 65 Amp

Part #: 31-00650 AN

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Part Number: 31-00650 AN
Fits: 2.8L Engine - 65 Amp
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About this item

Guaranteed high quality exact fit replacement alternator.

Technical Specifications
Specification Description
Part Type Alternator
Part Number 31-00650 AN
Brand BuyAutoParts
Model Number 31-00650AN
Condition BuyAutoParts New
Fit Type EXACT
Warranty FREE 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty (Call for Extended Warranties)
Weight 11.34 Pounds
Box Dimensions Height: 7.00"
Length: 9.00"
Width: 7.80"
OEM Cross Reference
E43F-10300-EA E43F-10300-PA E43F-10300-RA E43F-10346-BA E43F10300EA
E43F10300PA E43F10300RA E43F10346BA E43Z-10346-B E43Z-10346-D
E43Z10346B E43Z10346D E53F-10300-AA E53F-10300-BA E53F-10300-DA
E53F-10300-EA E53F-10300-FA E53F-10300-GA E53F-10300-HA E53F-10346-BA
E53F-10346-DA E53F10300AA E53F10300BA E53F10300DA E53F10300EA
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E53F10300FA E53F10300GA E53F10300HA E53F10346BA E53F10346DA
E53Z-10346-A E53Z10346A E59F-10300-DA E59F10300DA E63F-10300-AB
E63F-10300-BB E63F-10300-CB E63F-10300-DA E63F-10346-BA E63F10300AB
E63F10300BB E63F10300CB E63F10300DA E63F10346BA E63Z-10346-A
E63Z-10346-B E63Z10346A E63Z10346B E67F-10300-EA E67F-10300-FA
E67F10300EA E67F10300FA E69F-10300-AA E69F-10300-BA E69F-10346-AA
E69F-10346-BA E69F10300AA E69F10300BA E69F10346AA E69F10346BA
E69Z-10346-A E69Z10346A E6DF-10300-DA E6DF-10300-GA E6DF-10346-BA
E6DF10300DA E6DF10300GA E6DF10346BA E6DZ-10346-B E6DZ10346B
E6EF-10300-EA E6EF-10300-GA E6EF-10300-HA E6EF-10300-JA E6EF-10346-CA
E6EF10300EA E6EF10300GA E6EF10300HA E6EF10300JA E6EF10346CA
E6FZ-10346-A E6FZ-10346-C E6FZ10346A E6FZ10346C E73F-10300-CA
E73F10300CA E7EF-10300-CB E7EF-10300-DB E7EF-10300-EB E7EF-10300-FB
E7EF10300CB E7EF10300DB E7EF10300EB E7EF10300FB E7PF-10346-BA
E7PF-10346-FA E7PF-10346-KA E7PF-10346-XA E7PF10346BA E7PF10346FA
E7PF10346KA E7PF10346XA E7PZ-10346-F E7PZ-10346-G E7PZ-10346-J
E7PZ-10346-N E7PZ10346F E7PZ10346G E7PZ10346J E7PZ10346N
E7SF-10300-GA E7SF-10300-LA E7SF10300GA E7SF10300LA E7TF-10300-MA
E7TF-10300-SA E7TF10300MA E7TF10300SA E87F-10300-CA E87F10300CA
E9EF-10300-BA E9EF10300BA F0TU-10300-CA F0TU10300CA 31-00650AN
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UPC 682895428550
Vehicle Fitment
1986 Ford Aerostar 2.8L Engine - 65 Amp
1986 Ford Aerostar 2.8L Engine - 40 Amp
1987 Ford Bronco 2.9L Engine - Bronco II Models - 40 Amp Unit with Internal Reg
1988 Ford Bronco 2.9L Engine - Bronco II Models - 40 Amp Unit with Internal Reg
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