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Jeep Liberty Parts

When auto parts fail, your focus will be getting your car back on its feet, rather than worrying about the faulty part. While you are looking to fix the faulty parts, the other thing you will be worried about is the cost of the replacement and repair. The cost of auto repairs can indeed cause a car owner to balk, but not anymore! At, you can find top-notch replacement auto parts for your Jeep Liberty and other vehicles at affordable prices. If you are a highly practiced DIYer, you'll only need to bear the cost of the part! We are one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of car parts in the United States and other parts of the world.

With an array of options available like OEM, aftermarket, re-manufactured, you may be spoiled for choice! This is where you need to pay extra attention and carefully choose the right replacement part that falls within your budget. When you own a car, knowing the basics about its operation will definitely help with your replacements in two ways. One: you can give your mechanic a clear picture of the issue in your car. Secondly, since you can ascertain the severity of the problem, you can carefully plan your budget, knowing what repairs need to be addressed immediately and what can wait for a little longer. This often happens when you go for consulting with your mechanic regarding the overall condition of your vehicle.

Jeep is a legendary American brand known for manufacturing sport utility vehicles and off-road automobiles. It is now a division of FCA US LLC (Chrysler). Jeep is also one of the brands that has a long-standing reputation for producing reliable off-roaders. Coming to the topic of your Jeep Liberty, here's some information about the vehicle. We are talking about the Liberty that was marketed in the United States between 2002 and 2012. Outside North America, the vehicle was called the Cherokee. The Liberty was generally lauded for its towing capacity. The compact SUV was assembled both in the United States and in other countries. The vehicle had no variations in body styles, with the only body style offered being the 4-door SUV. Both 2WD and 4WD were offered with the vehicle.

Liberty A/C Accumulator/Drier
Liberty A/C Compressor
Liberty A/C Compressor and Components Kit
Liberty A/C Condenser
Liberty A/C Evaporator
Liberty A/C Expansion Device
Liberty A/C Hose High Side - Discharge
Liberty A/C Hose Low Side - Suction
Liberty Air Filter
Liberty Air Intake Performance Kit
Liberty Air Locker
Liberty Alternator
Liberty Axles and Axle Bearings
Liberty Ball Joint
Liberty Brake Drum
Liberty Brake Pad and Rotor Kit
Liberty Brake Pad Kit - Front and Rear
Liberty Brake Pad Set
Liberty Brake Rotor
Liberty Brake Rotor Set
Liberty Brake Shoe Set
Liberty Cat Back Performance Exhaust
Liberty Catalytic Converter CARB Approved
Liberty Catalytic Converter EPA Approved
Liberty Clutch Kit
Liberty Control Arm
Liberty Control Arm Kit
Liberty Cooling Fan Assembly
Liberty Crankshaft Sensor
Liberty Cylinder Head Gasket Sets
Liberty Diesel Injector Pump
Liberty Differential Bearing Kits
Liberty Differential Cases and Spiders
Liberty Differential Pinion Yoke
Liberty Differential Small Parts and Seals
Liberty Differential Tools
Liberty Differential Traction Devices
Liberty Drive Axle Front
Liberty Drive Axle Kit
Liberty Driveshaft
Liberty Dual Mass Flywheel
Liberty Engine Gasket Set - Rear Main Seal
Liberty Engine Gasket Set - Timing Cover
Liberty Engine Gasket Set - Valve Cover
Liberty Engine Oil Pan Gasket Set
Liberty Engine Tuner
Liberty Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set
Liberty Fuel Injection Throttle Body Spacer
Liberty Fuel Injector
Liberty Fuel Injector Set
Liberty Fuel Pump Assembly
Liberty Fuel Rail
Liberty Headlight Assembly
Liberty Headlight Assembly Pair
Liberty Ignition Coil
Liberty Ignition Coil Set
Liberty Intake Manifold Gasket Set
Liberty Miscellaneous Nuts and Bolts
Liberty Navigation Unit
Liberty Navigation Upgrade OEM Fit In Dash
Liberty Oil Filter
Liberty Oxygen Sensor
Liberty Power Steering Pump
Liberty Power Steering Rack
Liberty Powertrain Control Module PCM
Liberty Radiator
Liberty Radio or CD Player
Liberty Ring and Pinion Set
Liberty Shock Absorber
Liberty Shock and Strut Set
Liberty Side View Mirror
Liberty Starter
Liberty Strut
Liberty Super or Turbo Gasket
Liberty Timing Belt Kit
Liberty Trailing Arm
Liberty Transfer Case
Liberty Transmission Assembly - Automatic
Liberty Turbocharger
Liberty Turbocharger and Installation Accessory Kit
Liberty Turbocharger CHRA - Center Section
Liberty Turbocharger Oil Feed Line
Liberty Turbocharger Oil Return Line
Liberty Water Pump
Liberty Water Pump and Cooling System Gaskets
Liberty Wheel Hub Assembly
Liberty Wheel Hub Assembly Kit
Liberty Window Regulator with Motor

The Liberty was the first in the Jeep line up to incorporate a rack and pinion steering. Rack and pinion steering is easier to control and more responsive compared to mechanical steering. This allows for a better steering experience for Liberty owners when they drive their vehicle in diverse on- and off-road conditions. The rack and pinion steering is comparatively lighter than mechanical steering and is also easier to repair, as they include a few parts.

The Liberty was known as the KJ and KK, in its first and second generations, respectively. The first generation was produced from 2002 to 2007, and the production of the second generation began in 2008. The first-generation Jeep had either an inline-four or six-cylinder V engine while the second generation only had the latter. The Liberty in its first generation came in three trim levels: the Limited, Renegade and Sport.

A decent traction on rough terrain is one of the fundamental qualities of an off-roader. To this purpose, the Liberty came with standard traction control and anti-lock braking system. The dashboard in the Liberty also has features meant to assist the driver including Bluetooth and a navigation system installed in it. One of the key components that ensure good traction in a four-wheel drive vehicle is the air locker. The locker often includes an air compressor that helps lock the differential when traction is needed. The locker can easily be turned on using a switch.

While there are a number of components that actually keep your vehicle functioning efficiently, there are also parts that keep track of the impact caused by your vehicle to the environment. To preserve a greener environment, various states have imposed regulations on car emissions. Only those vehicles that meet the emission standards of a state are legally allowed on the streets. The catalytic converter in a vehicle’s exhaust system helps lower the level of hazardous pollutants by converting toxic by-products of combustion into less-toxic substances.

Your car parts will seldom go bad without any means of letting you know. With improved technologies in cars, it is now easy to identify faulty parts/systems. Your dashboard can indicate that something is not right with your car through corresponding lights!