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Subaru Forester Parts

Regular preventive maintenance is a necessity to keeping your vehicle in a healthy condition. Having said that, you cannot prevent auto parts from going bad all the time. Auto part failure due to general wear and tear is sometimes unavoidable. Some parts can undergo an untimely failure, which is often due to an improper maintenance regime. When it comes to providing replacement auto parts that are of an exceptional quality, is one of the industry leaders! We stock auto parts for your Forester and other Subaru models including Impreza and Legacy.

The Subaru Forester is a compact crossover sport utility vehicle which was first presented to the public in a grand unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995. However, sales only took off three years later in 1998 in the United States. Subaru developed this model for people who were interested in the emerging SUV market in the 1990s. Following in the footsteps of most cars that have been in production for a long time, the Forester has also been produced in generations. With the SUV in its fourth generation today, the Forester is undoubtedly one of Subaru's signature models.

The first generation Forester came with a rich set of standard features including the digital temperature gauge, rear window defogger, tilt steering and cruise control. The trim levels the first generation include the Base, L, S and S Premium for the United States market. The second generation saw the release of the STI variant of the Forester for the Japanese market. A number of versions were manufactured in the second generation including the 2.5 X, 2.5 XS LL Bean, 2.5 XT Turbo Premium and 2.5 XT Sports Turbo. A striking change in the third generation SUV was its design. The vehicle was designed as an SUV in contrast to the original wagon style. The instrument cluster in the third-generation Subaru had a touch-screen satellite navigation system that is compatible with Bluetooth.

Forester A/C Accumulator/Drier
Forester A/C Compressor
Forester A/C Compressor and Components Kit
Forester A/C Condenser
Forester A/C Evaporator
Forester A/C Expansion Device
Forester Air Filter
Forester Air Intake Performance Kit
Forester Alternator
Forester Brake Drum
Forester Brake Pad and Rotor Kit
Forester Brake Pad Kit - Front and Rear
Forester Brake Pad Set
Forester Brake Rotor
Forester Brake Rotor Set
Forester Brake Shoe Set
Forester Catalytic Converter CARB Approved
Forester Catalytic Converter CARB Approved and o2 Sensor
Forester Catalytic Converter EPA Approved
Forester Catalytic Converter EPA Approved and o2 Sensor
Forester Clutch Kit
Forester Clutch Kit - Performance Upgrade
Forester Control Arm
Forester Cooling Fan Assembly
Forester Cylinder Head Gasket Sets
Forester Drive Axle Front
Forester Drive Axle Kit
Forester Drive Axle Rear
Forester Driveshaft
Forester Electric Power Steering Rack
Forester Engine Gasket Set - Rear Main Seal
Forester Engine Gasket Set - Timing Cover
Forester Engine Gasket Set - Valve Cover
Forester Engine Oil Pan
Forester Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set
Forester Fuel Injector
Forester Fuel Injector Set
Forester Fuel Pump
Forester Fuel Pump Assembly
Forester Fuel Pump Strainer
Forester Headlight Assembly
Forester Headlight Assembly Pair
Forester Ignition Coil
Forester Ignition Coil Set
Forester Intake Manifold Gasket Set
Forester Intercooler
Forester Light Weight Flywheel
Forester Mass Air Flow Meter
Forester Navigation Unit
Forester Navigation Upgrade OEM Fit In Dash
Forester Oil Filter
Forester Oxygen Sensor
Forester Power Steering Pump
Forester Power Steering Rack
Forester Radiator
Forester Radio or CD Player
Forester Shock and Strut Set
Forester Starter
Forester Strut
Forester Super or Turbo Gasket
Forester Technical Bulletins and Paperwork
Forester Throttle Body
Forester Timing Belt Kit
Forester Transmission Assembly - Automatic
Forester Turbocharger
Forester Turbocharger and Installation Accessory Kit
Forester Turbocharger CHRA - Center Section
Forester Turbocharger Downpipe
Forester Turbocharger Mounting Gasket Set
Forester Turbocharger Oil Feed Line
Forester Water Pump
Forester Water Pump and Cooling System Gaskets
Forester Wheel Hub Assembly
Forester Wheel Hub Assembly Kit
Forester Window Regulator with Motor

The current generation of the Subaru Forester was unveiled at the 2013 New York International Auto Show. Some of the remarkable features of these vehicles include X-mode, a feature that offers excellent safety while driving in extreme on- and off-road conditions. Another notable technology included in the fourth generation is the EyeSight Driver Assist technology.

Through all of its four generations, the Forester has been equipped with a flat-four engine. Classified as a hatchback, the vehicle is available in a 5-door crossover body style. The Forester won a number of titles and awards for its crowd-pleasing specifications, especially in the 2000s. The vehicle secured a place in the list of 5 Best Trucks by Car and Driver magazine for three years in a row from 2004 to 2006. The vehicle was also recognized for its superior features by Motor Trend magazine, which named it the SUV of the Year in 2009 and 2014. Today, the Forester is a car that is well-liked in the market for its roomy interior and impressive fuel economy. Other notable pros of the Forester include engaging handling and responsive powertrain.

Subaru, headquartered in Tokyo, is one of the chief manufacturers of automobiles in Japan. Fuji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru was formed in 1953, with the first Subaru car built in 1954. Subaru has the distinction of owning the first auto assembly plant that achieved zero landfill status. The company is also known to follow advanced recycling methods to reduce waste, thereby contributing to a greener environment.

The roominess of your car's passenger cabin can turn into a claustrophobic nightmare if you are driving with a poor air conditioner, especially during the dog days of summer. The AC system is a combination of interdependent components including the compressor, evaporator, condenser and receiver-drier. As the refrigerant undergoes pressure changes, it changes its state from vapor to liquid and again from liquid to vapor. This is basically what helps take the heat away from the passenger compartment. With regular servicing, your AC system can provide an optimal cooling performance. Any time your AC performs below its ideal efficiency, it's likely because certain AC parts have been acting up.

While some AC repairs are confined to a simple replacement of the faulty part, other repairs might require replacing the entire AC system. Replacing AC components at the earliest is highly recommended since defective parts can drain a lot of your engine power unnecessarily. You can shop for individual AC components or all pertinent parts together as a kit for your Forester here. Give your vehicle a thorough tune-up periodically and you will definitely reap the benefits in the shape of your Forester's excellent performance!