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Home> How To> Repair Steering Parts> Steering Kit Install Instructions for 1965-66 Mustang

Steering Kit Install Instructions for 1965-66 Mustang







Removal –


Remove pitman arm from the original steering box. Remove steering wheel. Unplug wiring harness from column. Remove the two bolts securing the column tube to the dash and remove column tube. Remove the three bolts attaching the steering box to the frame and remove steering box. For power steering models, disconnect the original drag link from idler arm and remove from vehicle with control valve.


Installation –


Bolt the new steering box to the frame with the supplied bolts and lock nuts. Check that the steering box is not making contact with the exhaust or any surrounding brakes lines before tightening the steering box. Grinding or altering the steering box in any way will completely void your warranty.


For power steering models, install part #990050 V-8 Manual steering drag link to the original idler arm. Be sure to properly tighten all bolts


Center steering box and reinstall pitman arm to new steering box with supplied lock washer and nut. For power steering models, you must also attach pitman arm to #990050 manual drag link and secure with supplied castle nut and cotter pin.


Install complete rag joint #052534 to steering box and secure with setscrew then lock nut, be sure that the rag joint is fully installed on the steering box shaft. Install the new floor mount using the three existing holes in the floor and three screws. Insert #990040 replacement column shaft into the new rag joint. Secure column shaft with setscrew then lock nut.


Install column tube over shaft and reattach the column tube to the dash; column tube will need to be shortened for clearance of the new steering box and rag joint. Secure the column tube to the floor with the provided clamp. Install steering wheel on to column shaft. It will be necessary to move the column tube to adjust the gap at the steering wheel.


Install correct power steering pump, bracket and pulley kit for your vehicle and connect to conversion box with P/S hose kit #925108 or 925110 (Arrows are cast into box indicating pressure and return. Return line is closest to the rag joint.) For power steering models, you need to connect the conversion box to your original Ford pump with P/S hose kit #925107 or 925109.


Fill the power steering system with a quality P/S fluid. With the engine running check new system for leaks and bleed off any air trapped in the system by slowly turning the wheel full left to full right with the wheels off the ground. Be sure to keep the fluid full. It is highly recommended to get a complete alignment as soon as possible.



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