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Oil Vapor Bleed Through Diagram


The motor or engine oil lubricates the parts of an engine, thereby protecting them from metal to metal contact. It also cools down the engine components and prevents them from an untimely failure. One of the most common problems with the engine is an oil-leak. The leaks lower the level of the engine oil, causing the engine to overheat.


This happens for a number of reasons and is potentially harmful to the car and the environment. The diagram below shows how the oil vapor bleeds through the engine. The red arrows represent the flow of the oil vapor.


oil vapor bleed through    


Some of the common causes of the engine oil leak are explained below:


Worn-out Pistons and Rings:


The engine oil will leak when the oil is forced past the pistons and rings. This may be due to excessive engine wear or over-filling of the crankcase oil or the age of the engine. One of the symptoms of this oil leak is a trace of blue color in the exhaust.


Bad Cylinder Head:


A cracked or bent cylinder head will let oil flow into the engine or the cooling system. Common symptoms include an erratically running engine and a loss of cylinder compression.


Damaged Valve Cover:


The valve covers may become loose or warped and allow oil to leak out between the cylinder head and the valve cover. An oil residue on the engine is one of the symptoms due to this.


Loose Spark Plug:


A loose spark plug will let pressurized oil leak out of the engine cylinder. This can be identified by a pool of oil around the base of the plug. Some of the other indicators include a reduced cylinder compression and a skip in the engine-firing sequence.


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