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Repair Knock Sensor



Knock Sensor    


A knock sensor is designed to detect when the combustion in a car is not being properly controlled. It uses an internal element that is extremely sensitive to vibration and will detect when the pressure wave if the piston hits the cylinder wall before it is supposed to. When the sensor detects incorrect noise from the motor, it will inform the ECU (Engine Control Unit) regarding the issue. The ECU will delay the timing to protect the motor. The common term that mechanics use to describe this issue is "knocking", which literally means that a knocking sound can be heard from the motor. This sensor has been designed to act as if a mechanic was listening to the motor and keeping an eye on things for the driver.


The obvious symptom of a defective knock sensor is a "knocking" sound from the engine while driving at high speeds. You may also hear thumping noises that will get louder over time. Other common symptoms include vibration or shaking of the automobile, or engine misfire, when the vehicle is started. Acceleration problems, decreased fuel economy and increased emissions are also some of the effects of a malfunctioning knock sensor. A visible indication of a faulty knock sensor is the illumination of the Check Engine light. The issue with a knock sensor should be addressed immediately, as continuous pre-ignition can damage the pistons.


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