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Symptoms of a Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor


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Acceleration Problems

A crankshaft sensor is responsible for monitoring the rotation of the crankshaft. If the sensor has failed, then it will send wrong information to your car’s computer. The engine operating system will be unable to sync the engine pistons together and will result in poor acceleration and the inability to maintain speed.



Engine Sputter


The information the sensor relays is also used to determine proper spark timing. Incorrect readings will affect fuel injection and cause your engine to sputter.



Lowered Fuel Efficiency


If fuel injection errors are caused by a bad sensor, then lower fuel efficiency will also occur. Have your car checked by a licensed mechanic if you sense that your car is consuming more fuel than normal when you are on your daily commute.



Engine Stall


Crankshaft sensor problems can also make your engine stall at low speeds and the car will have difficulty starting.




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