We recommend this BUYAUTOPARTS Brand New part because it is your best value. The name brand part (known as OEM – original equipment manufacturer) is the part you will find at your dealer for $100’s more.

Think of the difference between the two as the difference between name brand and generic medication at your pharmacy. The ingredients, or in this case, parts, do the exact same job equally well.

With the BUYAUTOPARTS Brand part you're paying for a quality part tested to meet the exact same standards as the name brand. You end up saving yourself a lot of money by not buying into the marketing of the name brand.

We are the manufacturer. By cutting out the middleman and eliminating the overhead of traditional brick and mortar stores, we increase operational efficiency. The savings get passed down to you while making us a stronger competitor.

If you have any questions about this part or anything else please contact our American auto parts specialists at (888) 907-7225.