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 Audi  Strut
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When talking about suspension, what often comes to mind is a shock absorber or control arms. In some cases however, cars may have struts along with those part, or just struts. Struts on the top are mounted to the chassis of the vehicle, and they come down to the wheel. If there is any sort of issue with them, your car's handling can become unpredictable and unstable, making the car unsafe for driving on the road. Do not worry however, as we can help you get on the road in no time.

An Audi Strut not only keeps you safe and keeps your car stable, but it can also be an upgrade to the existing one, improving the performance as the new one will not be worn out. Struts apply tension to each end of the car, dampening everything and limiting the bouncing and bumpiness to the allowed limit set by the manufacturer. Our Audi Strut Assembly is made from the best materials available and the build quality is at a very high level, ensuring an exact fitment to your vehicle. In addition to Audi parts, we offer different components for nearly every brand and model. If you need help on buying and choosing the correct part, check out our Buyer's Guide.

Struts give the car the needed structure and rigidity. Without them, the vehicle would be unsettling and have a jerky ride, making the task of controlling it difficult and dangerous. They evenly distribute the vehicle weight on all four corners of the wheel, especially in cars that have four struts, two in the front and two in the back. Struts absorb the impact from holes and the compression created by the wheel going up and down, reducing stress. Stress which would be otherwise transferred to the chassis, giving a choppy ride and maybe even cracking or breaking the frame and chassis.

Audi is a German automobile manufacturer which is based in Ingolstadt. It mainly sells premium luxury limos and SUVs, but has compact and city cars to offer too. It is mostly owned by the VW holding group, and many of its parts are shared with sister companies VW, Skoda, Bentley and others. Some of their parts are interchangeable between platforms. The name of the company is based on a Latin translation of its founder, August Horch. "Horch", meaning listen in German, is Audi when translated to Latin. The company also has a subsidiary called quattro GmbH, that produces the S and RS models which are sold under the Audi brand.

For more information, our blog is here to help with lots of valuable information on everything auto, as well as the ability to address your current problem. With all this in mind, buying an Audi Strut Assembly shouldn't present a problem. Contact Us for information not listed here or in any of the blog's posts.

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