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 Audi TT Power Steering Rack

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The Audi TT Power Steering Rack is a specialized rack that is used to provide a power-assist in power-steering systems. It consists of a rack that is fitted with a cylinder within which a pinion can slide in either direction. Two steering hose inlets on each side of the cylinder draw the steering fluid inside to aid in the hydraulic push of the fluid against the piston. The steering shaft consists of a thin metal rod called the torsion bar which is connected to the steering wheel and a rotary spool valve. The torque that is applied by the driver on the steering wheel is transferred to the torsion bar and the spool valve, which turns in response to the applied torque. When the valve turns, it opens the port to one side of the rack cylinder and sends the high-pressure steering fluid to push against the piston. The hydraulic action of the fluid against the piston provides the vehicle with the necessary power assist to turn its wheels in the desired direction. A worn out power steering rack can cause your steering wheel to play or wobble while driving straight. The steering can also feel stiff if there is no proper lubrication or if the steering fluid is leaking.

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