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Cruising along these sunny California roads in your BMW makes you feel pretty special. After all, you have invested a lot into making sure your BMW offers you the best performance possible. Your BMW isn’t just known as the “Ultimate driving Machine” for no reason. You can count on it for quality performance and design. An important safety feature of your BMW that you may overlook as well as many other car owners is your BMW brakes. Many times brakes are not replaced until extensive damage has been done to your brake rotor and your disc brake pads are completely worn out. Lets examine the importance of your BMW disc brake pad and rotor and when it is time to get a BMW disc brake pad and rotor kit.

Your BMW brake pads and rotors are essential components of your braking system. Your BMW brake pads and rotors work together to make sure your BMW slows or stops. The function of your BMW rotors is to cause enough friction with the brake pads in order to stop the vehicle. The rotors are usually like a flat-bottomed bowl with a wide lip at the top. The brake calipers and brake pads press against the sides of the rotor when the brake is applied. This causes friction to stop the vehicle. The design of the rotor allows the heat produced by this process to be evenly dispersed throughout the braking system so that it does not overheat.

Your BMW brake pads are designed of material attached on a metal backing that attaches to the calipers. The brake pads can be made of different materials. Usually they are made of semi-metallic material, organic material or ceramic. The purpose of BMW brake pads are to absorb energy and heat during the braking process so your BMW can slow down or stop. Since brake pads get worn down with use they will eventually need to be replaced.

If your BMW brake pads are getting worn down they will eventually scratch against your brake rotors damaging them in the process. Since the brake pads are still trying to grip onto a surface they will continue to produce friction and this is when the scratching of a worn down brake pad happens on a brake rotor. If you hear a squealing or grinding noise when you brake this is a sign that your BMW brake pads and rotors need to be replaced.

Our BMW disc brake pad and rotor kit will come with replacement brake pads and a rotor. Contact us so we can help you pick out which BMW disc brake and rotor kit will be the best fit for your BMW. You want to have the best braking performance available and we are here to help you make sure you pick out the best parts. All parts of our BMW disc brake and rotor kit will come with a one-year warranty and they will be guaranteed to fit.

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