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You take your BMW out often for rides along the California coastline when you can on the weekends but during the week your hectic commute puts your BMW through a lot. Especially because the roads you travel on are pretty bumpy and are in need of repair due to the potholes forming on them. We both know you would rather be driving along that coastline most days but since that’s not your reality and the roads you mostly do commute on are bad ones you need to make sure your BMW struts are in good shape. Since you commute so much on bad roads and your BMW has more than 50,000 miles it is best to get them checked out to see if it is time for BMW strut assembly.

The function of your BMW shocks and struts are important in order to maintain your car from bouncing like a wild horse. Let’s focus more on the BMW strut. The struts in your BMW are going to contain a number of suspension components, which include the coil spring, the spring seats, the shock absorbers, the strut bearing, and the steering knuckle. Since your BMW strut is an integral part of the suspension system it is mounted to the chassis of the vehicle on the top portion.

1 Series M  Strut 128i  Strut 135i  Strut
135is  Strut 228i  Strut 228i xDrive  Strut
230i  Strut 230i xDrive  Strut 318i  Strut
318is  Strut 318ti  Strut 320i  Strut
320i xDrive  Strut 323  Strut 323Ci  Strut
323i  Strut 323is  Strut 325  Strut
325Ci  Strut 325i  Strut 325is  Strut
325xi  Strut 328  Strut 328Ci  Strut
328d  Strut 328d xDrive  Strut 328i  Strut
328i GT xDrive  Strut 328i xDrive  Strut 328is  Strut
328xi  Strut 330  Strut 330Ci  Strut
330e  Strut 330i  Strut 330i GT xDrive  Strut
330i xDrive  Strut 330xi  Strut 335  Strut
335d  Strut 335i  Strut 335i GT xDrive  Strut
335i xDrive  Strut 335is  Strut 335xi  Strut
340i  Strut 340i GT xDrive  Strut 340i xDrive  Strut
428i  Strut 428i Gran Coupe  Strut 428i xDrive  Strut
428i xDrive Gran Coupe  Strut 430i  Strut 430i Gran Coupe  Strut
430i xDrive  Strut 430i xDrive Gran Coupe  Strut 435i  Strut
435i Gran Coupe  Strut 435i xDrive  Strut 435i xDrive Gran Coupe  Strut
440i  Strut 440i Gran Coupe  Strut 440i xDrive  Strut
440i xDrive Gran Coupe  Strut 525  Strut 528  Strut
528i xDrive  Strut 530  Strut 533  Strut
535  Strut 535d  Strut 535d xDrive  Strut
535i  Strut 535i GT  Strut 535i xDrive  Strut
535is  Strut 535xi  Strut 540  Strut
540i  Strut 545  Strut 550  Strut
635csi  Strut 640i  Strut 640i Gran Coupe  Strut
645Ci  Strut 650i  Strut 650i Gran Coupe  Strut
733i  Strut 735  Strut 740  Strut
745  Strut 750  Strut 750iL  Strut
750Li  Strut 760  Strut ActiveHybrid 3  Strut
ActiveHybrid 5  Strut Alpina B7  Strut i3  Strut
M2  Strut M3  Strut M4  Strut
M5  Strut M6  Strut X1  Strut
X3  Strut X4  Strut X5  Strut
X6  Strut Z3  Strut Z4  Strut

Your BMW strut assembly is going to help you stabilize the suspension system like we mentioned above but besides that they have other functions. The first of those functions is that the BMW strut will reduce the bounce of your BMW. Struts apply various degrees of tension to the front and rear of a vehicle that will limit the road bounce and bumpiness. The BMW strut will also maintain your vehicle ride stable so that you don’t have an erratic or jerky ride. Two other functions of your BMW strut are going to be reducing frame stress and contributing to proper wheel alignment.

But how will you know when to change your BMW strut? There are warning signs you need to take notice of when it comes to this. You may notice a vibrating thumping noise coming from the tire area, a rocky ride when going over bumps or if your BMV strut is completely broken then your car can lean a lot to one side. Other things you may notice are squeaking noises as you go over minor bumps and lastly a floating feeling as the car drives over smooth surfaces with minor bumps.

When it does come time to replace your BMW strut assembly make sure you choose the right choice. Whether you choose to go with a BMW complete strut assembly or with a BMW quick strut we’ll have all types of struts to help you out. Our BMW struts are guaranteed to fit and will come new so you don’t have to worry about having a wrong fitting part or a part that will wear out quickly.

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