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BMW Suspension

If you are driving a BMW, you will be glad to know that you are driving German engineering that takes design and production to the highest of standards. Since BMW was founded in 1916, their automotive production has included some of the most luxurious and best-selling cars. From the fine-tuned engine right down to the BMW suspension, you can feel that you are driving quality in the height of comfort and style.

One does not often think of it, but the BMW’s suspension is one of the most critical parts of the car. The suspension is the structure that ensures the driver and passengers have a smooth ride while maintaining control. The system is made out of several parts, and depending on the type of suspension, these include a chassis, the leaf, springs, the coil springs, the torsion bars, and the dampers. The dampers consist of the struts and socks.

With BMW, some models like the BMW 2 Series Coupé, the BMW X5 and the BMW 3 Series Sedan, are fitted with an adaptive BMW suspension. This system has variable damper control and allows the driver to choose between a dynamic or comfortable suspension settings. The Adaptive M suspension system is set ten millimeters lower, increasing the vehicle’s dynamics. The driving characteristics can be adjusted with the Driving Experience Control setting. The COMFORT setting allows a more relaxed traveling experience. If you’re up for a sportier ride, the SPORT mode enables an athletic suspension with tighter damper settings.

Other models like the BMW M4 Coupé are fitted with a self-levelling suspension. This system uses air compressors and air bags to maintain its level, even when you are towing a heavy load. The system is designed to adjust the height of your car’s rear axle for better driving. When your BMW is packed with cargo or dragging a trailer, its rear end can sink downwards. The system counteracts by inflating pneumatic cylinders that are integrated in the rear axle assembly to lift the chassis higher.

BMW Control Arms contribute to the independent suspension system used in creating a comfortable ride when traveling. A control arm reduces weight on the suspension, and therefore it must be made of high-quality materials that are robust and can with stand quite a bit of pressure. When you need BWM suspension part or BMW parts in general, checkout our online catalog. We have loads of BMW parts and we guarantee you that you will get what you are looking for at the best prices. Do not take chances by driving car that is not safe. Order today.


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