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The ignition coil, also called a spark coil, is a part used in most cars. While lots of people are unaware of its existence, or indeed, of what it does, it’s still a car component that plays its role every time you start the car up, quite literally. Without it you wouldn’t even be able to turn the key and fire up the engine.

The ignition coil is actually an induction coil put to use in automobiles. More specifically, they are used in a car’s ignition system. Its main job is to transform the low voltage of the battery into thousands of volts needed for a spark to be created, which then ignites the fuel. Most coils use an internal resistor, and some rely on an external one for limiting the current going into the car’s coil from the 12-volt battery.

There’s a wire that goes all the way from the car’s ignition coil and into the distributor, and also wires that go from the distributor into each spark plug. These wires are also known as spark plug wires, and have a very high tension. Modern cars use multiple ignition coils, individual ones for each cylinder or a pair of cylinders. While it may be more complex, it eliminates faulty spark plug cables and any distributor issues that result of that.

Ignition coils are only for petrol powered cars, because diesels don’t really have a need for the spark. Whereas petrol is highly combustible and a spark is all that is required to ignite it, diesel is much more crude and it combusts when it is really heated up. This is achieved by compression in the cylinders, where the diesel is compressed and heated up. It then spontaneously combusts and produces an explosion to power your car.

We have Chevrolet Ignition Coils for nearly every petrol powered Chevrolet out there. What’s more, we have them at incredibly affordable prices, much lower than you’ll find anywhere else. This does not reflect their performance and reliability however. Our Chevrolet Ignition Coil, just like every other product you can find in our shop, is sturdy and has been made of the best materials, ensuring no failure will occur for a long time to come. This gives you a piece of mind for many trouble-free motoring miles. Our 1 year warranty only backs this up.

Chevrolet, or Chevy as it’s usually called, is an American auto manufacturer. It’s a division of GM, America’s biggest auto seller. As well as that, it’s also a really old company, one of the oldest. It was established in 1911, and originally Chevrolet owned GM. This was then reversed and GM became the parent-company of Chevrolet. Chevrolet is the main subsidiary within GM, amongst many others. As a main company, it has lots of rights and privileges that others don’t. Chevrolet cars are being sold in Australia under the name Holden.

By all means, if there’s anything else we can help you with, especially regarding a Chevrolet Ignition Coil, don’t hesitate to drop us a message. You can find lots of other interesting information on everything car related you’ve ever wanted to know on the blog, and join in on the discussion.

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