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Navigation systems are a great addition to many cars. Once sold separately as AEM equipment and attached as third party accessories, more and more manufacturers are selling them as built-in options with some even offering them as standard on some of their newer models. They are undoubtedly useful and look the part, however, getting lost because of a malfunctioning or broken navigation can really be a cause for frustration. Especially when on the road, a navigation unit can be an essential tool, specifically when traveling to new places.

The replacement Chevrolet Navigation System we offer will definitely set you on the right path. Our Chevy Nav Unit is built to fit the exact same way an OEM part would, so replacing one should be no more trouble than changing a wheel. Every navigation unit is designed and built with quality in mind, to offer you, as a customer, peace of mind, knowing you can always depend on it. What's more, such great products have never been more affordable. Our Buyer's Guide which can be found on the site can help you choose the right one for you and your vehicle.

A navigation system is an electronic device which aids in navigation. Typically satellite navigation is used to get position data as it is more reliable and precise. This is then transferred onto the screen installed your car, along with the street you're on and any other useful and relevant data. When instructions from one place to another are needed, it calculates a route for you to follow. For even more accuracy, data is used from onboard sensors attached to the drivetrain and various other components.

GPS navigation is offered as standard or as an option for lots of vehicles . For customers for which their cars came with no navigation, it can be bought separately and retrofitted to the car. If the car had an option from the factory for a navigation unit, it's a simple job of just installing it in the factory spot designed for it. In certain cases, new wiring may be required making the job much more difficult and complex. Opting for an OEM navigation can be useful as the unit already comes integrated and set up for use from the get go.

Really, choosing a Chevrolet Navigation System should be an easy task now that you've taken in all this information. Our blog can be a great place to learn if you require more information about your car or the navigation, or even about any part in general. It's full of articles and people ready to assist your needs and questions. If you still can't find what you're looking for however, feel free to Contact Us at any time. We guarantee a quick and knowledgeable reply to your problem, as our staff is always ready and willing to help.

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