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If you look at what makes a car a car, and how it all originated, you get to the most basic element that categorizes it as a vehicle. Power sources can vary, but what distinguishes it from a boat or a submarine are its wheels. The most common means of transport, the motorized vehicle, uses the perfectly round shaped wheel to move. This means that the most important thing in a vehicle making it move is the wheel.

Driving a Chevrolet is undoubtedly cool. What's not cool is not being able to drive it because of a wheel problem. The wheel is, of course, composed of multiple parts. One of them, and probably one of the most important, is the wheel bearing and hub assembly. If this is worn out, the car won't be able to drive and function properly. If you're on the hunt for a Chevrolet Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly for your car, you're at the right place.

A wheel bearing is exactly that, a bearing for a wheel. It's made up of a metal ring with a set of steel balls inside. Its job is to help something spin with very little friction. The main function of it is to allow the wheel spin freely. The worst enemies of wheel bearings are water and heat. Weak lubrication can cause them to heat up and destroy them. Most wheel bearings also come sealed by the manufacturer so that water can't get inside and cause it to malfunction.

The whole assembly is vital for keeping the wheels in check. After all, no one wants to find themselves losing a wheel when driving down a road, especially a highway. Diagnosing a failing wheel bearing can be hard, especially since the noise starts off quiet and within a month it can become unbearable. It is a constant rhythmic sound, compared to a wheel rubbing and that's why it can be difficult to track down, since reproducing it requires actually driving the car. If you're unsure whether your part is broken, check our How-to section for more info, including how to change the entire assembly.

Because it can be difficult to replace just the wheel bearings, an entire Chevrolet Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is an easier replacement for your vehicle. Replacement can be a bit harder, especially if it's a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive car as more parts will have to be taken off, so if in need for any assistance, feel free to consult with our blog. Also, one bad wheel bearing and hub doesn't correspond to another. Just because it's broken and needs replacing on one side, doesn't mean that the other will need too.

Wheel bearings and hubs are supposed to last long. However when they do let go, we can easily supply you with a Chevy wheel hub assembly along with wheel bearings for a quick and easy fix. We hope with all this knowledge under your belt, you can make a right choice in buying a Chevy Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly. If you need any help with the buying process please view our Buyer's Guide, or Contact us directly.

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