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Engine Tuner

Engine Tuner

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Engine Tuner

Engine Tuner

Engine Tuner

Engine Tuner

Performance chips act like the brains of your car's ECU (Electronic Control Unit), directing its engine tuner to make any necessary adjustments to optimize fuel efficiency, modulate power output, maintain torque, trigger turbo boost and control ignition timing. Basically, performance chips engage with your engine's various sensors to monitor real time changes during operation, fine tuning the timing and flow accordingly.

A good analogy to explain how performance chips work may be to consider how your own brain makes changes to your body when you go running - like a performance chip, your brain registers the physical activity and adjust heart rate to pump more blood to muscles that need it, then releases sweat to keep you from overheating, perhaps releasing adrenaline to give you an energy boost. Performance chips essentially serve the same function by engine tuning - that is, making minor changes to your engine's operating settings so as you drive faster, harder or longer, the ECU knows how to get the most efficiency out of the system.

Performance Engine Tuning Chips for Sale

Principally, the presence of a performance chip distinguishes modern engines from the simple engines of old, which required greater manual maintenance to set up cars for one particular style of driving or another, and to make adjustments over time to maintain performance. Chip tuning reduces the need for some of this hands-on work, by integrating an on-board engine tuner with a performance chip automating the work. This proves especially valuable for those who know less about maintaining optimal driving conditions in their car than, say, a trained mechanic.

While good performance chips obviously can't entirely negate the role of that trained mechanic in monitoring and maintaining an engine's performance over the life of the car, it can significantly reduce the need for manual adjustments, and even point the mechanic towards any internal parts or systems that are unduly taxing the engine, either due to wear or malfunction. In this way, engine tuners not only serve to regulate your engine's functions, but also as a valuable diagnostic tool, effectively extending the lifetime of the engine, even if the engine tuner happens to stop working long before the engine does.

BuyAutoParts.com offers a wide assortment of engine tuners for a variety of make and model cars that utilize performance chip technology. Browsing our online catalog for parts that suit your vehicle is easy - just enter the year, make and model to view compatible replacement parts specifically suited to your car. Our inventory includes top line OEM and premium aftermarket engine tuners that meet all operating specifications, often at a reduced price compared to stock parts provided by auto manufacturers - plus free shipping within the continental US on all orders exceeding $99.

Check out BuyAutoParts.com for performance chip technology that will maximize your car's performance, and help keep it operating in an optimal state. Any questions you have may be answered by our experienced support staff. Email us today at[email protected], or call toll-free support line at .