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One of the biggest car related inconveniences you can have besides a break down, is a broken AC. Especially if it's a broken condenser. It's more than just an inconvenience. Particularly on hot summer days, when the thing you want least is a non-working AC. Such a thing can not only be uncomfortable, but is a headache when it comes to finding out why it's broken and taking all the steps to replace it. We have a solution for those problems however.

Our product offering includes a Ford A/C Condenser, including lots and lots of other parts for almost every manufacturer and model. Stressing over a part’s fitment is a thing of the past, as every part is made to fit the particular model and with no modifications needed. Because of the high quality and exceptional build quality, you won't even need to worry if the part will fail. View the Buyer's Guide for exact part fitment and any consultation needed.

AC was an unknown for the early days of vehicles. The only ventilation available was just a bit of fresh outside air coming in through the vents into the cabin. This was then superseded by heaters which used engine heat to heat up the cabin. The very first AC unit to be classified as such was built by The Packard Motor Car Company, which offered it in 1933. Because it was very impractical taking up the entire trunk space and it ultimately proved to be very unreliable, it didn't really catch on in the 1930s.

Once people realized what having AC meant, and with temperatures rising year after year, the AC system in a car started to catch on. Ever since the popularity of air conditioning has been on the rise, with many manufacturers offering it as standard even on their base models all across the range. One major part in the entire system is the Ford AC Condenser. The condenser works together with the compressor, and is the component of the AC system that interacts with exterior conditions first. The AC compressor, the central component of the system, is the part that fails most often.

Ford was founded by Henry Ford, and is based in Detroit, Michigan at the moment. It is one of the largest car manufacturers, even on then global stage. Although it was close to bankruptcy during the last recession, it has successfully recovered and has since been able to turn incredible profits. It shouldn't be a surprise then that it's America's second largest manufacturer after GM. You can find more information about Ford and other car makers on our blog.

Finding and choosing a Ford Condenser shouldn't be a problem with all of the information provided. We hope you've learned something from all of this and now know how to choose the correct part for you from all of the Ford Condensers on offer. Detailed instructions on changing every part we offer can be found on the How-to section.

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