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It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a Ford 2015 F-150 Super Cab or a Volkswagen Coupe, at the end of the day, you want your engine to perform in the best possible way, either to gain improved fuel-efficiency or to get better engine performance. To do this, you can modify your engine with a few aftermarket systems like an aftermarket air intake kit; air filter, performance chips, weight reduction, turbochargers and superchargers.

Although it might seem like a minor thing, the temperature of air does affect your car’s efficiency. An aftermarket Ford air intake kit that brings in cold air is a system that adds cool air into the internal combustion engine. Under normal circumstances, Ford air intake systems regulate air temperature that enters the engine by providing warm air when then the engine is cold and cold air when the engine is warm. When aftermarket Ford air intake systems are added, the cold air that enters is denser than the warm air, thus containing more oxygen necessary for combustion.

With the new intake systems, the filters are moved to outside the engine to the upper wheel near the fender where there is more access to free flowing air that is cooler and where there is less hot air form the engine. An aftermarket air intake kit increases airflow and since the air box of the current Ford Air Intake system is removed there are less bends providing the engine with an uninterrupted airflow. The beauty of aftermarket air intake systems is that they are less expensive and easier to install as compared to other engine modifications. Just because these systems are cheaper than other modifications made for engine performance don’t think that this modification is worth your time. We would say that aside from engine tuners, air intake systems probably have the most bang for your buck when trying to improve performance.

When installing a new air intake system, you will notice an increase in power when the throttle is fully open. You will see that you definitely have more power, but if you combine this system with other products like a new exhaust, you will create a much more efficient system. When you do add an aftermarket air intake kit you will need to keep some details in mind. If the air filters are exposed, it might suck up water and will go straight to the engine. Add a bypass valve to avoid this from happening.

Keep in mind that when you install a new system in a newer car, you might void the engine manufacturer’s warranty. If you want more performance from your car or if you want to be able to get the best fuel-efficiency possible from your Ford, purchase all your aftermarket Ford Air Intake system parts directly from us. Choose from over millions of aftermarket, rebuilt discount, new and OEM parts all manufactured from high quality material but offered at the best prices.


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