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Henry Ford is very well known nowadays for his innovative Model-T and has become a historic American icon when it comes to his assembly line methods of production. Ford is the largest U.S based automaker and the fifth largest automaker in the world. Despite the rough financial times that Ford went through in 2006-2008, Ford continues to be a popular brand. The Ford F-series continues to be the best-selling vehicle in America, a title it has had for more than 30 years. The Ford F-series vehicles are big and heavy trucks this means that they require a lot of steering power in order to function. There are two systems a Ford steering system can have. The two options are a Ford steering box or a steering rack consisting of a rack and pinion steering system. In this article we will be focusing on a Ford steering box.

A Ford steering gearbox will contain two components essential to the function of the Ford steering system; these are the Ford steering box and the steering gear. The job of the Ford gearbox is to convert the rotational movements you make with your steering wheel into the left and right motion of your Ford’s front wheels. This is important because it allows you to easily maneuver your Ford when you need to turn. There are nine types of steering gearboxes. The one we are going to focus on for your Ford is the worm gearing because it is the most commonly used in Fords.

Since your Ford gearbox has a worm and roller gear let’s look at how it works. The worm and roller have a two toothed roller which is connected to the cross shaft, known as the roller shaft or sector shaft. The threads of this worm gear are meshed with the roller shaft at the end of the steering tube. So when the worm shaft is turned by the steering tube the roller will also be moved in an arc for rotating the roller shaft. The worm and roller gear in your Ford is designed this way so that the bearings can resist both radial and end thrust.

The advantage that this type of worm gear has is that it provides gear reduction and a 90 degree change in direction. It does have more parts than the typical rack and pinion steering system we mentioned earlier but it is more robust and can be used on heavier vehicles like the Ford F- series for better steering control. Now that you know the function of the gears within your Ford steering box it is important that when it comes time to change it you stick with the same part that the vehicle came with so your Ford steering system will continue working properly.

Your Ford steering box is made to be durable and last a long time in order to resist as much wear and tear as possible. This means the parts will be made from high quality materials to ensure this durability. When it does come time to change your Ford gearbox, count on us to help you obtain the correct part for your Ford. We have high quality Ford gearboxes that come with a guaranteed fit so you can be sure that it will be the correct part for your Ford.

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