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One of the key car components making it a road vehicle is the wheel. It's what separates it from a boat or a submarine. Means of power can vary, from gravity, to electricity or even today's favorite, gasoline. For a vehicle to be classified as such, it has to have wheels. Four, one per corner to be exact, is what defines the motorcar.

Ford owners should be proud of owning such a cool and awesome car. Something that can be less than awesome is a car sitting in the driveway because of a wheel problem. The actual wheel is comprised of the rim and the tire, so there isn't much to it. However, what keeps the wheel in place is a different story altogether. One such part, and definitely the most important one, is your Ford Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly. They can sometimes wear out and need replacing, as with any other part.

Luckily, this is exactly what we have to offer you. A wheel bearing is what it says it is, just a bearing for a wheel. Made from a metal ring and a set of steel balls inside, its job is to help something spin with very little to almost no friction. It's essentially what allows the wheel to spin freely. As with any metal object, its enemies are heat and water. Weak lubrication can heat them up and totally destroy them, while bad sealing that doesn't block water out causes malfunction. Information about Ford wheel bearings can be found on the blog.

Keeping the wheels in their place is a responsibility of your Ford Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly. After all, no one wants to find themselves losing a wheel when driving down a road, especially if it is a highway. Diagnosing a broken wheel bearing can be hard, especially since the noise starts off quiet and within a short period of time it can become unbearable. It is a constant rhythmic sound that sounds like the wheels are rubbing against each other. This makes tracking the problem down difficult, since the car has to be driven for the sound to be reproduced. If you're unsure whether your part is broken, check our How-to section for more info, including how to change the entire assembly.

Because replacing just the wheel bearings can be difficult, an entire Ford Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is available from us. Replacement can be a bit harder, especially if it's a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive car as more parts will have to be taken off, so if you are in need of any assistance, feel free to Contact Us. Remember, one bad wheel bearing and hub doesn't correspond to another. Just because on one side it's broken and needs replacing, doesn't mean that the same treatment will be necessary for the other side too.

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