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The Ford F-250 is a powerful truck that you use everyday on your ranch. Since it can tow and haul about 40,000-lbs. of gross weight you rely on it when you need to tow those hay barrels or if you need to transport your horses. The maintenance of your F-250 is of utmost importance to you because a malfunctioning truck won’t do you any good and you will be losing days worth of valuable work. Your Ford F-250 has a powerful engine to tow all that weight so you need to make sure your diesel fuel injection system is also supplying the necessary amount of fuel and is working properly. A part of the fuel system we are going to focus on is the Ford fuel injector.

The Ford fuel injectors are part of the fuel injection system, which also consists of the following components: the sensors, electronic control unit (ECU), Check Engine Light/Service Engine Soon Light, and the fuel pump. The sensor components are located everywhere around your truck so every time you start your F-250 the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) scans all these sensors to verify their functionality. During this scan the Check Engine Light (or Service Engine Soon) located on your dashboard will come on and go off once it has determined that all sensors are functional. While driving the ECU is collecting data from the sensors such as air pressure, throttle angle, fuel temperature, etc. This data is then processed through the ECU to determine the amount of time the fuel injectors need to stay open to inject fuel into the engines intake ports. This power to inject fuel will come from the fuel pump.

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Transit Connect  Fuel Injector Transit-150  Fuel Injector Transit-250  Fuel Injector
Transit-350  Fuel Injector Transit-350 HD  Fuel Injector Windstar  Fuel Injector

The specific function of the Ford fuel injectors is to spray pressurized fuel into the engine. This happens because the Ford fuel injectors get signaled by the electronic control unit to open in order to spray the pressurized fuel into the engine. The amount of time the Ford fuel injectors are open for is proportional to the amount of fuel delivered.

Since your F-250 is diesel powered it is using a Ford diesel injector. This means that it will use a direct injection method where fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. So initiation of combustion will take place in a depression in the crown of the piston. Your F-250 will either use common rail direct fuel injection where a high-pressure fuel rail feeds individual solenoid valves. Or it will use a unit injector direct injection where the injector nozzle and the injection pump are combined in a single component.

So as you can see it is important that when it comes time to changing your Ford fuel injector you get the appropriate Ford replacement fuel injector. We have all types of Ford fuel injectors so that you can install the right Ford fuel injector set. We carry the Ford diesel injector as well so contact us to get your best-priced Ford fuel injector!