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Ford Fuel Pump Assembly

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Your Ford Explorer has been having some trouble lately with its engine sputtering at high speeds. You have noticed it for a few weeks now and decide it is time to take it into the mechanic to see what the issue is. Your mechanic, Pablo, tells you that you need a new Ford fuel pump because yours is malfunctioning and probably will not last you much longer. Pablo explains to you that a fuel pump is important because it is what gets fuel to your engine. However, you want to know more specifics about Ford fuel pumps and why it is necessary to get one now. So let us find out what Pablo has to say.

The first thing Pablo explains to you is the function of a Ford fuel pump. The fuel pump serves three main purposes: to filter the fuel in a gas tank so debris do not get into it, to pump gas from the gas tank to the carburetor or fuel injection system, and to send information to the instrument module that gauges fuel level. Your fuel pump will be a part of your Ford fuel delivery system. Pablo tells you that most vehicles today use a Ford fuel delivery system with an electric fuel pump but before these were invented, vehicles used mechanical fuel pumps since they tended to have carburetors instead of fuel injection systems.

Pablo tells you you have a Ford fuel pump that is electric since you have a Ford fuel delivery system that uses direct injection to get fuel to your engine. The electric fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank as opposed to being attached to the engine block like mechanical pumps. Since your electric pump cannot handle gas vapor very well, placing it far from the engine inside the fuel tank submerged in cold liquid is more beneficial to its function. The electric pump works by creating positive pressure in the fuel lines and then pushing gas to the engine. The higher gas pressure then raises the boiling point, which is what produces the gas vapors that the pump has trouble handling. Another benefit of keeping the Ford fuel pump inside the fuel tank is that it is less likely to catch on fire because it is far away from the electrical components of the engine.

You tell Pablo you noticed some engine sputtering at high speeds but want to know what other signs could signal a malfunctioning Ford fuel pump. Besides the sputtering another sign to look for is the vehicle losing power while accelerating because there is more increase for fuel due to the acceleration and a malfunctioning pump cannot keep up enough pressure to deliver the fuel needed. A sudden loss of power when the car is under stress can also happen because the Ford fuel pump is weak and cannot work under these added conditions to the car. Surging without any driver intervention when driving and the engine not starting are the last two signs malfunction Ford fuel pumps can give you.

Therefore, whatever type of Ford fuel pump assembly you need Pablo gives you our information. He tells you that he uses us all the time for the best price deal on parts that are high quality and guaranteed fits. So listen to Pablo, since he knows his stuff, and contact us today so we can get you set up with the proper Ford fuel pump assembly for your Explorer!