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The control arm connects the front suspension to the car’s frame. Quite often, control arms are equipped only on the front part of the car, i.e. front suspension. Only a small percentage of cars have control arms on the back suspension. When a control arm is broken or twisted, a replacement part will be needed. If such a thing is exactly what you’re looking for, you have come to the right place.

Our Jeep Control Arms are top-notch, and represent the best quality replacement control arms available. We also offer assemblies and ball bearings with bushings as separate products, so you can buy individual parts as well as the entire assembly. The best thing to do when replacing control arms is to replace everything including the bushings and bearings, as these will need replacing at a later time anyway, so it’s best to change them as well while you’re at it.

Our shop features only the best quality products for every model of vehicle, and the part range varies from suspensions and struts, to turbochargers and radiators. It really is almost anything you might ever need for your car. Price does not correspond with quality in this case however, as more affordable does not mean worse. In fact, all of our parts have a one year warranty as a testament to their reliability and strength. All of this while maintaining the best prices anywhere.

Every part is designed to the original manufacturer specifications, so fitment should be no issue, whatever the part may be. Your Jeep Control Arm gives the car a better and more comfortable ride. The control arms which are known as A-arms too, give the wheels up and down movement, increasing ride quality while maintaining stability of the vehicle at all times. We also offer an entire Jeep Control Arm Set, for replacing all of the control arms simultaneously, saving you the trouble of any problems that may occur with individual control arms in the future.

Go ahead and try our Guide. It helps you choose the right part needed for your vehicle, by teaching you about parts code and vehicle code, and corresponding the both to match and find your exact product. Alternatively, you can ask any questions or read about your model and part on the blog, where many customers as well as our experts can help you decide.

Jeep is amongst the biggest American auto brands, especially when it comes to SUVs and full-on off-roaders. It is also a subsidiary of a company owned by Fiat. The entire Jeep product range is SUVs and off-roaders. All 4x4 Jeeps are equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic system that monitors the car's ever move multiple times every second, anticipating the loss of traction and responding adequately by transferring some of the power to the back wheels. This is a standard feature on all 4x4 Jeeps, and is one of the best ways to make sure you never get stuck because of snow or rain.

You can learn more about changing your Jeep Control Arm in our helpful How-to section, which uses educational videos that are very informative to show you how everything’s done, step by step.