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Did you know that Lexus is the luxury division of Japanese car company Toyota? Founded in 1989 it has become Japan’s largest-selling make of premium cars. In this article we will be focusing on an important part of your Lexus: the Lexus steering rack. We will take a look at the different types of steering racks and their functions so you can be informed about what kind of Lexus steering rack you have.

All modern cars today have a power steering rack, either electric or hydraulic, because vehicles have become so heavy and have switched to front wheel drive. Your Lexus power steering will help you easily maneuver your car by swiveling the steered road wheels on their steering axles reducing the physical exertion you have to put into steering. Hydraulic power steering uses hydraulic pressure supplied by an engine-driven pump to assist the motion of turning the steering wheel and the pump must be continuously running. Since this type of power steering relies on the engine, if your engine stops running you will lose your power assisted steering and have to manually steer which will make it very heavy to turn or switch lanes.

A Lexus electric steering rack on the other hand is more efficient because the electric power steering motor only needs to provide assistance when the steering wheel is turned. The Lexus electric steering rack uses an electric motor to assist drivers. With the use of sensors, the position and torque of the steering column are detected and a computer module applies assistive torque via the motor, which is connected to the steering gear or the steering column. This allows varying amounts of assistance to be applied for different driving conditions. The amount of Lexus electric power assist needed is easily tunable to the type of Lexus you have, the speed of the road and in some cases driver preference. Another advantage of the Lexus electric steering rack is that if the engine fails your power steering will still be maintained since it is not connected to the engine.

Let’s take a look at an older system of Lexus steering racks known as a Lexus manual steering rack. The Lexus manual steering rack is using mechanical linkages instead of using hydraulic power like the power steering racks mentioned above. The components are usually a rack and pinion system. A Lexus manual steering rack is hard to maneuver since it requires more physical force when steering because the power assist is not there to help. But this manual steering rack is often used in race cars because it tends to make the car a little lighter and some drivers like the feel of being able to control the vehicle more.

So now that you have learned about the different Lexus steering racks you can count on us to have all of these different types for whatever meets your needs. Contact us today so we can get you the proper Lexus steering rack that will be guaranteed to fit and come with a one-year warranty.

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