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Did you know that Lexus is the luxury brand of Japanese automobile maker, Toyota? Lexus was founded in 1989 as a corporate project to develop a new premium sedan for customers of the Toyota brand. The name brand Lexus did not exist in Japan until 2005! Before that, the Lexus vehicles that were sold in Japan were marketed as Toyota vehicles. Imagine that! Probably saved those customers some money. Now, you know your Lexus is a reliable vehicle and you love the way it drives. But there are things that can go wrong with the suspension part of your Lexus. One of the parts we are going to focus on is the Lexus wheel bearing and hub assembly.

The main functions of the Lexus wheel bearing are to allow the wheels to rotate with relative ease and support the vehicles weight. Since these are two very important jobs you want to make sure that your wheels bearings are in perfect condition because if they not they will fail and this can be very dangerous since you could lose control of your Lexus. Your wheel bearings will be contained inside your Lexus wheel hub assembly. The Lexus wheel hub is a forged or cast piece of metal that the wheels are mounted to. It located between the brake discs and the drive axle. It is mounted to the holding bracket from the chassis on the axle side. While on the disc brake side it is mounted to the bolts of the wheel hub assembly.

The Lexus wheel bearing and hub assembly varies if you have a front, rear or all-wheel-drive. On front wheel hub assemblies a tapered style bearing is used. This is beneficial because vehicle weight is distributed more heavily in the front and the forced produced when the wheels are turned can be extreme. A tapered roller bearing is cone shaped and due to this shape it can handle heavy amounts of radial pressure, hard shocks and thrust loads. On rear wheel bearings straight roller bearing types tend to be used along with duel rows of bearings. Straight roller bearings are cylindrically shaped. Since radial loads placed on them are spread out evenly across a wider point of contact they are good for heavy-duty tasks. All wheel drives will have fours axle shaft bearings. These support the weight of the vehicle while keeping a drive axle centered in place as it rotates because it is mounted at inboard locations.

Now that you know how important the function of the Lexus wheel bearing and hub assembly is you need to know some signs that may indicate damage. While the Lexus wheel hub assembly is made to be durable and last more than 150,000 miles over time they can get damaged. One of the main signs is a growling, rumbling or chirping kind of noise coming from the wheel area. You also want to get your Lexus wheel bearing and hub assembly checked out if you drove through hub deep water so that you can get your wheel bearing cleaned or packed with fresh grease.

We have many options for you to choose from. Make sure to check out our wheel hub assembly page. Simply pick the Lexus model under brand and you will be able to choose the right part you need. You can also take a look at our Lexus wheel hub how to page to learn more about replacements, costs, and maintenance.