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The Mazda 626 Turbocharger, which is bolted to the engine's exhaust manifold, pumps compressed air into the engine. It consists of a turbine and compressor. The exhaust gases drive the turbine which, in turn, spins the compressor wheel. This process compresses the air which is then passed into the engine. This compressed air will make the engine burn more fuel, thereby improving its efficiency. The boost pressure offered by the turbo varies from 6 to 8 pounds per square inch (psi). Other components of the turbocharger include a wastegate and intercooler. The wastegate senses the boost pressure and regulates the exhaust gases entering the turbine housing. The intercooler reduces the temperature of the compressed air before it is delivered to the engine to prevent the engine from overheating. One of the visual indicators of a damaged turbocharger is a trace of blue in the exhaust gases.

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