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The suspension system in a car is composed of more than just shocks and control arms. Cars often have struts along with shock absorbers, or simply just struts. Struts have multiple tasks; one of which is connecting the chassis on the top with the wheel on the bottom. If they're faulty your car will have unsafe and unpredictable handling, and a choppy or bumpy ride quality. Luckily for you, we have a solution for sorting this issue out.

The Mazda Strut in your Mazda keeps you safe and keeps your car stable. The strut applies tension to each end of the car, limiting the choppiness and bumpiness from potholes and rough roads. The Mazda Strut Assembly we offer can be a performance upgrade and not just a replacement part, as it improves the previous characteristics instead of just replicating them. Every part we offer is designed to fit your model and has been made using only the best materials, so you needn't worry about any failure. For help on buying and choosing view our Buyer's Guide on shocks and struts.

The main support a car has comes from the struts. They give it its rigidity and make up the structure. With no struts the car would be quite difficult to drive on the road, not to mention the lousy ride it would have. Jerkiness and bumpiness are the least of your problems if struts fail. As they evenly distribute the weight on all corners of the car when working properly, any malfunction can be dangerous, not just an inconvenience. They also save your car's chassis and frame as most of the bumps are absorbed by the strut and not the chassis, cracking it or twisting it.

Struts consist of a coil spring to support the car's weight, a strut housing for structural support for the entire assembly, and a damping unit inside the strut housing to control the spring and suspension's movement. Usually the upper strut mount replaces the upper control arm, ball joint and bushing. The strut body has the dampening unit and fluid in it.

Mazda originally started as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. It was founded in Hiroshima, Japan in the early 1900s. Since then it has evolved and changed into the manufacturer we recognize today. The name comes from the words "Ahura Mazda", meaning god of light, intelligence, and wisdom. Apart from that, the name also has origins from its founder's last name, Jujiro Matsuda. Our Mazda Struts are available for many Mazda models, anything from their compact Mazda 3, to the roadster MX-5 and their performance RX-8.

More information can be found on our blog, as lots of questions you might have are already there, as well as other valuable information. If information on the Mazda Strut Assembly or whatever it is you're looking for is unlisted in the blog and you don't know where to turn, Contact Us directly.

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