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You drive your Mercedes Benz a bunch because your job requires you to drive a lot. Your Mercedes is comfortable and dependable so you enjoy your long drives. An important part of your Mercedes is your Mercedes Benz GPS navigation system. Since you have to drive to so many different places and get there on time you need it to be a unit that directs you in the right way. In this article we will discuss how your Mercedes Benz GPS navigation system works.

GPS stands for global positioning system. It is a satellite based navigation system made up of 24-30 satellites in orbit. While initially made for military purposes most receivers are now in vehicles and smartphones. Your Mercedes Benz GPS navigation system has the capability to pull up street maps and display them to you in order to direct you. It can provide turn-by-turn navigation, which gives you step-by-step directions. Some more useful aspects of the Mercedes navigation unit is that it can pull up traffic congestion maps and give you alternate routes so you do not get stuck in unwanted traffic.

Your Mercedes navigation system can indicate road or paths available, the location of food, banks, hotels, gas stations, airports or any places of interest you may want. Since you are out so much it is important that your Mercedes Nav unit tells you where all these places are especially in unfamiliar areas. Dead reckoning, which is where your current position is tracked by a previous location, which uses distance data from sensors attached to the drivetrain, gyroscope, and an accelerometer can be used in order to make your GPS unit more reliable when going into areas like canyons or tunnels.

Navigation systems in vehicles have evolved over time using diverse technologies to make them more accessible and less costly to install in vehicles. The first navigation systems were introduced in cars in the 1980’s and since then have come a long way. Your Mercedes navigation system is going to be mounted in the dash and will consist of two or three parts. These are the car stereo with a built in screen, external GPS antenna and sometimes a hideaway connection box that will have the audio/video inputs and outputs. The Mercedes navigation unit may also be installed to the parking brake wire, to the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) wire, and to the back-up light signal wire.

Your Mercedes nav unit is important to assist you in getting directions to get to your destination taking the fastest route. You use it daily so you want to make sure it is always in working condition. If it breaks you want to make sure you replace it with a quality Mercedes navigation system. We are here to help you with that. Find the Mercedes Benz GPS navigation unit that you need at a low price!

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