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Mercedes Throttle Body

When you are driving in your Mercedes C350 4MATIC Coupe, you are driving a car that has been German engineered with a 7-speed Shiftable Automatic transmission, a V6 cylinder engine and that features 302 hp at 6500 RPM horsepower. This is one mighty and powerful car.

A lot of the torque of the car has to do with the Mercedes Throttle Body. For a car to run smoothly, the correct amount of air and fuel must mix. This mixture is controlled by the air intake system. The throttle body is part of the air intake system that helps control the amount of air that reaches the engine. This is important because if the throttle body should fail, the engine might loses power.

Modern electronic fuel injection systems, like the air intake system, are some of the components that are the most reliable in a vehicle. However, just like any other system, it needs to be maintained. When a vehicle reaches more than 75,000 miles, routine maintenance on some of the fuel injection systems have to be serviced in order to make sure that your car continues to deliver the performance you want out of it.

One of the most common maintenance items that has to be performed is Mercedes Throttle Body cleaning and fuel-injector cleaning. If you notice that your car is stalling, or idles roughly, it might be an indication of the throttle body being dirty. If you have found the throttle body is damage upon inspection, throttle body replacement is needed. Indications that you might need to replace the throttle body include a warning message on the dashboard indicating “Reduced Power”, when the engine does not run smoothly or the vehicle does not idle properly, when the vehicle has little power or the performance of the car is poor.

It is recommended that when your car is going for a major service you might want to find out about an air induction service that will clean the throttle plate and remove any carbon from the air-intake system. You should also ask about a fuel injection flush. These services will help prolong the life of the Mercedes Throttle Body.

If you are looking to repair a Mercedes Throttle Body, you can rest assure that we specialize in new and aftermarket throttle body parts that are of the highest quality. We also carry remanufactured Mercedes 300 TE Throttle Body parts. You can place your order online via our checkout system that is easy to use and secure. Our online parts catalogue has an updated real-time inventory list and therefore, you can be sure that your parts that you are buying and paying for are indeed in stock.


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