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Your 2004 Mercedes Benz C class is fast approaching 180,000 miles. You have taken it on many road trips because it has been so reliable and you enjoy the comfort the interior provides on these long trips. But lately you have started to notice some rumbling noise coming from your wheel area and your steering wheel is shaking a bit when your Mercedes is being driven. You take it to get diagnosed at the mechanic and he tells you that your Mercedes Benz wheel bearing and hub assembly needs to be replaced since your wheel bearings are leaking. Since you are not well informed about the function of your Mercedes Benz wheel bearing and hub assembly let us go ahead and take a look at what it does and why it would need replacement.

Your Mercedes Benz wheel bearings are important in your car’s suspension system. They perform by allowing the wheels to rotate with minimal effort and they support the cars weight. Since both of these functions are very important the Mercedes Benz wheel bearings must be in excellent condition so that the seals are kept leak free and the lubricant is kept inside the bearings so that contaminants cannot get into them. Since your wheel bearings will be supporting a lot of weight both in the front and rear axles, it is important to make sure they are in perfect condition so that you can have functioning wheels when driving.

Your Mercedes wheel bearing assembly will be found inside your Mercedes wheel hub. The Mercedes wheel hub is where your Mercedes tires mount to, they are made of a forged or cast piece of metal. The Mercedes wheel bearing will usually fit in the center of the wheel hub. This placement is to allow for a free rotation around the axle shaft or spindle. So if your Mercedes wheel bearing and hub assembly is made with integral bearings you will need to replace with a wheel hub since they cannot be replaced individually. But when does your Mercedes Benz wheel bearing and hub assembly need replacement?

A Mercedes wheel bearing and hub assembly needs replacement when the seals on the wheel bearing start to leak and if water were to get into the wheel bearings because this contaminates the grease inside the wheel bearings due to the rust caused by the water. Once you know a wheel bearing seal is broken you need to get it replaced because grease can leak out of the wheel bearings and allow water and dirt to enter the bearing cavity and contaminate it causing damage to it. So if you notice noise coming from your wheels, usually a growling, rumbling noise this is a good indicator that you need to get your Mercedes wheel bearing and hub assembly check out.

While the Mercedes Benz wheel bearings and hub assembly are designed to last at least 150,000 miles or more they can still get damaged like we discussed earlier. You want to get this important component of your Mercedes replaced because it could lead to your wheels loosening from your car and leaving you with at least one lost tire. This can be an extremely dangerous situation to put yourself into. Contact us today for the best prices on your Mercedes Benz wheel bearing and hub assembly.

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