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As the world is becoming more and more eco-friendly and aware of pollution, car manufacturers are switching to turbocharging. Downsizing of engines is becoming a popular trend, and with it, more and more cars are becoming available as a turbocharged option only, regardless if they're petrol or diesel. While this does have its benefits, it means that there is one more part that can fail on a car. Worry not however, as we have a solution.

If your turbo does happen to be on its way out, our wide assortment of Mercedes Benz Replacement Turbochargers can help you get back on the road in due time. We offer a variety of turbochargers as well as intercoolers and feed lines for a whole spectrum of manufacturers and models, with Mercedes Benz being just one of them. Every part we sell is a guaranteed fit for the designed model, as it's been built with the highest quality and only from the best materials available. To understand what turbo is best for you, check out our Buyer's Guide.

A turbocharger not only makes a car more efficient, but also increases the horsepower it produces. What it does, is offer a greater specific output per liter. Meaning that instead of needing a high capacity, big displacement engine to make more horsepower, by lowering the engine compression and forcing more air into the chamber of the engine by using said turbocharger, even more power than a naturally aspired engine with a 50% bigger engine capacity can be achieved. This is because the turbo uses the waste (exhaust) gases to spin its turbine and power the compressor, resulting in more air being forced into the engine.

Whereas one of the kings of naturally aspirated engines, a Turbocharged Mercedes Benz is something that can be seen on the roads more and more each day. Mercedes, being true to their roots however, have still kept what makes their cars truly unique and what makes them special. The sound they make and how they make you feel. By using clever new technology, the engines have been made faster and more efficient throughout the rev range, while still keeping their glorious sound with the use of some exhaust tune magic.

Keeping in tune with the times, an engine with a Mercedes Benz Turbocharger is something we will be seeing more and more often. That is not a bad thing however, as it will only bring more people interested in the brand and its models. Combining luxury with performance has always been the philosophy for Mercedes, and it is something they are keen on to this very day. Even their special AMG racing versions have a luxurious feel to them that most other performance limos can't.

As the popularity of turbocharging is on the rise, a demand of replacement Mercedes Benz Turbochargers is expected. Luckily, we have lots in stock. If you're in this particular situation and in need of one, you might also want to find out how to diagnose a turbo malfunction, and how to change or repair it. For information on that and much more, view the How-to videos or our blog.