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Mercury is an American automobile brand, which is part of the Ford Motor Company. It was launched in 1938 by the son of Henry Ford, Edsel Ford, in order to market entry level luxury cars between the Ford branded regular brands and the Lincoln luxury brands. Unfortunately, it was phased out in 2011 when Ford decided to focus its marketing and engineering efforts on the Ford and Lincoln brands. Your beloved Mercury that you hold so dear to your heart is starting to have some brake troubles and you are concerned because you don’t know where you can get Mercury replacement pads. Fear not, we are here to help! But first let’s go over what your brake pads do and why they are important to your brake system.

Your Mercury brake pads are a component of your disc brake system. They work along with the brake rotors and calipers. In your disc brake system there are two brake pads held in place and activated by a caliper affixed to a wheel hub or suspension upright. Depending on the type of material that your brake pads are made of, their wear rates will vary. Your brake pads must usually be replaced regularly, again depending on the material. Most brake pads come equipped with a system of alerting you when you need to get Mercury replacement pads.

Your Mercury brake pads will contain friction lining that contains semi-metallic compounds and ceramics to create a maximum amount of resistance with the rotor. When you brake, the caliper uses hydraulic pressure to clench the brake pads together. This stops the rotor and wheels from spinning which then slow or stop the car. Your brake pads are an important safety feature in your Mercury so you want to make sure you are checking them regularly and changing them when needed.

You know your Mercury is having brake troubles because you heard a grinding noise coming from it. Some other signs that your vehicle may exhibit when having brake pad trouble will be squealing brakes, pulsating brake pedal, a soft brake pedal, or your car is dragging. These are signs that your brake pads are being worn down. You should never let your brake pads get to below a quarter of an inch because they can start scratching the rotor at that point. You also do not want your brakes to fail on you so make sure you always keep them maintained.

You were concerned with not being able to get the proper Mercury replacement pads but we have a full stock of Mercury pads for your needs. We know that brakes are an important part of any vehicles so we make sure to be stocked with brake pads. Contact us today to get your Mercury replacement brake pads. They are guaranteed to fit and will be available at a low cost with a one year warranty.

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