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You have recently purchased a Mitsubishi in order to make some modifications to it. You are looking to increase its performance and know you will need to get a lot of things modified but do not know where you should start. Your friend recommends that you take a look at installing a Mitsubishi air intake system. You know a few things about it but are not really convinced that is where you should start. Let us help you out and explain the benefits of an air intake system.

First off let’s take a look at what an air intake system does. An air intake system’s purpose is to make air available to the engine’s intake manifold where it can be sucked into the combustion chamber during the intake stroke of the piston. A high performing air intake system has the same function except that it increases the volume of air that is available to the engine. Since an internal combustion engine runs on a mixture of air and fuel, the more air that is available to the engine, the better combustion of that air fuel mixture.

Now that you know how it works let’s take a look at some of the benefits. The first benefit is that your Mitsubishi will have improved performance. When there is a additional air or denser air is brought into the combustion chamber the denser air provides a better burn to the air and fuel mixture. A better burn means better performance from the gasoline being consumed. As a more complete burn happens less gasoline is wasted and pumped out the exhaust. With less gasoline waste carbon deposits are minimized and this will add performance improvement to your engine.

The other benefit is having improved efficiency since you will have improved engine performance. The more complete burn means it does not require as much fuel to produce the same amount of horsepower. Since there is less wasted fuel more of the fuel is burned for the purpose of creating combustion, which will again save fuel usage. The engine computer controls are sensitive and sophisticated enough to recognize the changes provided by an air intake system. The computer dials down injector spray and adjusts consumption demand. But this improved efficiency will showcase itself more when you drive the vehicle the way you were driving it before you installed the Mitsubishi air intake system.

So say you decide to install this modification because of the added benefits of it and you get the wrong fitting air intake system or maybe it does not function like you thought it would because you bought the wrong type of air intake system. Well good news for you because our knowledgeable representatives can help you pick out the exact Mitsubishi replacement air intake that you need. Making sure you get the correct Mitsubishi air intake system will guarantee that you get that added performance and efficiency you so desire.

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