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While you may want to have your Nissan tailored to be a racecar it is not quite there yet. But one day it will be. You keep it regularly maintained so that it can run smoothly like you are used to. In this article we are going to focus on your Nissan shock absorbers. We will take a look at what they do, common causes that wear the Nissan shocks down and when it is time for your Nissan replacement shock absorber.

Your Nissan shock absorber is part of your vehicle’s suspension system. The suspension system has the tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connect the vehicle to its wheels and allows for relative motion between the two. Your suspension system has two main purposes. The suspension system contributes to the Nissan’s handling and braking for active safety and driving pleasure and it also contributes to ride quality that is relatively isolated from road noise, bumps or vibrations that may be found on the road. But how do your Nissan shock absorbers fit into this system?

Let’s find out. The Nissan shock absorber is designed to absorb or dampen the compression and rebound of the springs and suspension. The shocks will control unwanted and excess spring motion. So say you are driving along the road and you hit a bump your Nissan’s suspension and springs move so the tire can stay in contact with the road and absorb the energy. The Nissan’s shock absorbers job in this case is to dampen the movement of the springs by converting the spring’s kinetic energy into thermal energy. The thermal energy is then degraded in hydraulic fluid. Since your Nissan shock absorbers are an oil-filled cylinder a piston will move up and down through the oil-filled cylinder when your Nissan’s suspension moves.

The Nissan shock and strut set will work together in the suspension system of your Nissan to make sure you can get that smooth road free of excessive bounciness. The shock absorbers will be contained inside your strut set. The struts work to support and control the Nissan while it is in motion. So basically your struts are like advanced shock absorbers that have more functions. But both are essential to your suspension system. So if you have an abnormally bouncy or stiff ride, your Nissan begins to have trouble taking tight corners or sways during turns or when you brake the car bounces back and forth instead of coming to a stop then you most likely have worn down your Nissan shock and strut set.

When you do notice these signs it is time for Nissan replacement shocks. Getting the proper Nissan replacement shock absorbers is important because you want to make sure your suspension system won’t suffer any further damage increasing replacement costs for you. We have the Nissan replacement shocks that you need! All of our Nissan shock absorbers are guaranteed to fit so you can be sure you will have your car going in no time!

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