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Rolls Royce Motor Cars is a British automobile manufacturer that is a subsidiary of the German automaker BMW. The division manufactures luxury cars and has its headquarters in West Sussex, England. The company was founded as Rolls Royce Limited by Charles Royce and Sir Henry Rolls in 1904. In the same year, Rolls Royce manufactured its first automobile, the 10 hp. In 1906, this was followed by the 40/50 hp, which would later come to be known as the Silver Ghost. The Phantom replaced the Silver Ghost in 1925. After World War I, the company acquired Bentley whose finances had floundered because of the Great Depression. In 1938, Rolls Royce rolled out the Wraith. The Silver Wraith, rolled out in 1946, was the brand's post-World War II vehicle. The Silver Dawn, which was the first Rolls Royce model with a factory-made body, followed in 1949.

In 1965, the Silver Shadow was released. In 1971, the company ran into a financial crunch and Rolls Royce Motors was de-merged from Rolls Royce Limited. In 1980, Vickers plc acquired Rolls Royce Motors. The Silver Spur, a full-size luxury car that was the first in the SZ series, was released in 1980. However, in 1998, Vickers plc sold Rolls Royce Motors to Volkswagen. In that year, the brand manufactured the Silver Seraph as a replacement for the Silver Spur. Following an agreement between Volkswagen and BMW, from 2003 onwards, the Rolls Royce brand name was used for BMW's vehicles. The BMW-owned Rolls Royce entity was renamed to Rolls Royce Motor Cars. The Phantom nameplate was revived for a saloon automobile released in 2003. It was the first car released by the BMW-owned subsidiary. Some of the other models of Rolls Royce include the Corniche, Camargue and Silver Spirit.

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