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The defining feature of a car is drivability. If you look up a definition of what a vehicle is, you'll see it needs a manner of propulsion to move, but also that it needs wheels. Wheels define the motor vehicle, giving it the ability of movement. If you take a look at how a wheel is attached to the car, you'll see that it's a complex system. Wheel bearings along with a hub are placed to hold the wheel in position and give it an ability to spin freely. With no wheel bearing and hub assembly, you won't be rolling anywhere.

If a Subaru Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is what you needed, you found the very best one available. The wheel bearing is nothing more than a bearing, it has steel balls wrapped in a metal ring, allowing rotation with next to no friction, i.e. almost no resistance. Since it is a moving part that is metallic, it is fragile. The entire assembly should be protected as to avoid water, so a good seal ensuring no water gets in is crucial. What's also key is good lubrication to stop it from overheating, because heat is metal's worst enemy. You can read up more about this on the blog.

The wheel hub and bearings keep the wheel in place while allowing it free rotation at the same time. The Subaru wheel hub and Subaru wheel bearings are an important component in your car. Diagnosing a faulty assembly can be difficult, especially as it's only noticeable when driving the car and not at a standstill. The noise which is often described as similar to a wheel rubbing starts off pretty quiet and gets gradually louder with time, and can soon become so noisy you won't even want to drive your car. Our How-to section can show you how to recognize this problem, and offer videos showing you how to change it.

Subaru is a big car manufacturer based in Japan. It's a subdivision of Fuji Heavy Industries. They are very well known for their use of the boxer engine and for their Symmetrical All Wheel Drive system, which is regarded as one of the best four wheel drive systems in the business. Their cars are usually called softroaders, which means a car that is not an all-out off-roader, but can go off-road when needed. The Subaru name is iconic in rally rings, and is sacred for many car enthusiasts, as Subaru is probably the most successful car to go rallying. Their epic battles with Mitsubishi in rallying in the 90s is regarded as the best rivalry of any car manufacturers.

Replacing just wheel bearings is not only time consuming, but due the nature and diameter of the bearings, is also very difficult. This means that replacing the entire assembly proves to be more efficient. Our Subaru Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is the best one you can get at the best price, which you won't find anywhere else. Don't wait, get the part you need at the best price now.

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