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It is a chilly Monday winter morning and it’s time to head to work again. You’ve had a great weekend at home with the family so you didn’t drive your Toyota all weekend. Come Monday morning and you are in a bit of rush so you get into your Toyota, warm it up and make your way over to work. As you are on the highway you notice that your car is pulling a lot to the right side. You think your wheels must need alignment so you get to work and think nothing of it. But that sign could signal more than just wheels being out of alignment. It could also be worn Toyota wheel bearings and these play an important role in your Toyota.

The two main functions of your Toyota wheel bearing and hub assembly are to support the vehicle’s weight and to allow your wheels to rotate with minimal effort. So they are working in your Toyota’s suspension system. Since your Toyota is showing signs of the wheel bearings being worn out this could mean there is a leak inside the Toyota wheel bearings. Your Toyota wheel bearings are going to be mounted inside your Toyota wheel hub. The Toyota wheel hub is a forged or cast piece of metal that your Toyota’s wheels mount to. The Toyota wheel hub assembly allows free rotation around an axle shaft or spindle because the wheels bearings are in the center of the wheel hub.

Toyota wheel bearings are going to be located both on the front and rear of your vehicle. Toyota wheel bearings are made to last at least 150,000 miles but wear and tear can cause them to develop damages. The typical ways they get damaged are through maladjustment, loss of grease or contamination. It is very important that the wheel bearings do not leak because contamination can occur since water and dirt can get into the bearing cavity. If water gets into the wheel bearing cavity it will cause it to rust, therefore contaminating the grease.

Usually in front Toyota wheel hubs a tapered style bearing assembly is used. These are used to because there is more weight in front wheel drives. These bearings have cylindrical shape and taper to one side. Placing them inside bearing assemblies that are cone shaped allows for them to handle heavy amounts of radial pressure, hard shocks, and thrust loads. In the rear end of your Toyota typically you will find straight roller bearings. Straight roller bearings are also cylindrical shaped and have a constant diameter straight across the entire length of the bearing. Since loads placed on these bearings are spread out evenly on the whole bearing they can handle more weight.

So make sure you contact us for all your Toyota wheel bearing and hub assembly needs! We have the Toyota wheel hub assembly that you need as well as Toyota wheel bearings for both the front and rear of your vehicle. We have excellent customer service that will help you find the lowest prices on your Toyota wheel bearing and hub assembly.

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