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Volvo is a Swedish company that was founded in 1927, that year only 280 Volvo cars were made. Volvo has long been a maker of quality vehicles and that is what pushed you to pick this brand over others. An important part of the Volvo is the steering and today we will be focusing on the Volvo steering rack. We will look at its function and the differences between some of the different Volvo steering racks.

Depending on how old your Volvo is you will either have a Volvo power steering rack on it or a Volvo manual steering rack. A Volvo manual steering rack will not have any sort of power assist installed what that means is that you will have to use a lot more physical exertion to turn the wheel when steering, whether you want to turn a certain direction or simply switch lanes, you better build up those arms muscles because you’ll need. The Volvo manual steering rack uses a rack and pinion where the pinion is attached to the steering shaft, which is attached to the steering wheel. So when the steering wheel is turned, the teeth in the pinion come together with the rack and slide the rack left and right. The rack is attached to the tie rods, which are attached to the knuckle and the tire.

Now in a Volvo power steering rack there is a high and low-pressure circuit. The power steering pump gets turned by a drive belt and pressurizes the fluid going to the gearbox. The low-pressure side sends fluid back to the power steering reservoir where it gets pumped out and sent back to the gearbox at high pressure. This pressurized fluid acts on the power piston to assist in steering. So it would be possible for the system to help you turn right even if the steering wheel were left of center.

Within the Volvo power steering rack, you can have two type of steering hydraulic or electric. We are going to talk about the Volvo electric steering rack. This works by mounting an electric motor to the side of the rack housing where it will drive a ball-screw mechanism through a toothed rubber belt. The screw then engages a spiral cut in the outside of the steering rack. A torque sensor that is attached to the pinion shaft signals a control computer when it needs to provide assistance. So basically your power assist will be computer-controlled through its own electric motor instead of being controlled by the engine like in the case of the hydraulic assist. The Volvo electric steering rack can have the advantage of saving on gas and it is the direction all cars are moving towards when it comes to steering.

So whether your Volvo has a Volvo manual steering or a Volvo power steering rack we are here to provide with all the components necessary to make any changes to your Volvo steering rack. If you have a Volvo electric steering rack we also have those should you ever need replacement. Our Volvo steering racks come with a one-year warranty and free shipping!

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