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Did you know that Swedish car manufacturers Volvo were the inventors of the seatbelt? That’s right, Volvo invented the seatbelt 50 years ago and did not patent it because they wanted other companies to use this safety feature. That is a pretty outstanding thing to do. Now that we know how great of a car company Volvo is let’s focus on another important part, the Volvo strut assembly. In this article we are going to talk about the Volvo strut assembly and take a look at what a strut does and why it is important to your vehicle.

The Volvo strut assembly is part of your Volvo’s suspension system. The job of a strut is to absorb compression to reduce heavy bouncing that occurs when driving on roads. Since roads aren’t free of bumps the Volvo struts help reduce the feel of the road bumps. Another function of a strut is to provide structural support for the Volvo’s suspension system in order to stabilize it.

Other important functions of Volvo struts are maintaining a stable ride, contributing to proper wheel alignment and reducing stress on the frame of your Volvo. A stable ride is important so that you can control the movement of your vehicle and you can comfortably ride in your Volvo without erratically bouncing around. Wheel alignment is important so you can maintain your tires in good condition and make them last as long as possible. Your Volvo struts exert tension on the wheels in order to keep them in the correct position and keep them from bouncing up and down. Lastly, your Volvo struts will absorb much of the impact and stress that a car receives when it is being driven so that your Volvo’s frame doesn’t have to absorb it all.

If your Volvo strut needs to be replaced there are two types you can choose from a McPherson strut and gas lift struts. A McPherson strut is mostly used in front suspension units. It has a spring and shock absorber combination. In order to help the strut pivot downward a ball joint structure is used so that the compression is absorbed from the car. In many vehicles the steering gears are also attached to this strut. A gas lift strut is used to act as counterbalance. There are many shapes and sizes, along with compression rates available for this strut type. Usually, there is about a 30 percent increase in compression force with a gas lift strut.

So no matter what type of Volvo strut assembly you need, we have a wide variety you can choose from. We also have Volvo shocks and struts depending on what you need for your Volvo. Remember that replacing a damaged Volvo strut assembly is important for the car’s suspension system so the longer you wait to get it replaced, the more damage that will occur. So Contact us today for guaranteed low prices, an exact fitting Volvo strut assembly and a one-year warranty.

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