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You love riding in your Turbocharged Volvo because it has so much power and the ride is so smooth. But lately you have been noticing that your Volvo S60 is starting to lose some of its power when you rev it up. You have also noticed that there is whining noise coming from your engine. These signs can be warnings that your Volvo turbocharger needs to get checked out because it may be failing. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what the Volvo turbocharger does and why it’s beneficial for your Volvo to have.

A Volvo Turbocharger is a forced induction device that increases the power produced by an engine. A Volvo turbo works by using exhaust gas to rotate a turbine. During this process, it pressurizes a compressor. This pressurization allows the air to combust, which increases fuel and spark, and thus matches higher amounts of air and generates more power. The exhaust gas allows for gas to spool with a turbocharger.

There are quite a few advantages to having a turbocharger:

  • You will get a much higher increase in horsepower, which you already know since you have experienced this in your Volvo.
  • You can get this increased power by having a smaller engine, which produces much more power relative to its size due to the engine displacement.
  • You will save money at the gas pump because of the increased fuel economy. This is because smaller engines use less fuel to idle and have less rotational and reciprocating mass.
  • You will get higher efficiency because the Volvo turbocharger is run off energy that would typically be lost in naturally aspirated and supercharged engines. So by recovering this energy the efficiency of the engine will improve.

Now when it comes time to get that Volvo replacement turbo you want to make sure it is the proper turbo for your Volvo. There are different kinds of turbochargers, they are: standard turbo, ball bearing turbo, twin-scroll turbo, and a variable geometry turbo.

We are going to focus on the standard turbo because this is the most likely the type you have installed in your Volvo since it is the most common in many trucks and cars. The compressor inside the standard Volvo turbocharger is made of lightweight aluminum, and the compressor housing is made out of steel or cast iron since this is exposed to much more wear and tear. This standard Volvo turbo has one inner channel where air is compressed by the turbine blades.

So now that you know more about what turbochargers do make sure you contact us for your Volvo replacement turbocharger. We have all kinds of Volvo replacement turbos that you need so you can get your turbocharged Volvo to being its old self again. So don’t delay! We have guaranteed-to-fit Volvo turbochargers with a one-year warranty and free shipping!



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