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We know how important the maintenance of your Acura is to you. Your beloved Acura is known for its luxury, performance and high power performance vehicles. You may already know but your Acura is the luxury division of automaker Honda. Since the Acura brand was created it has been a trailblazer in the automotive industry prompting other automobile makers to also launch luxury brands of their own. The introduction to the market of the Acura brand came in the 1980’s after a decade of research offering two brands to the North American market. The success of sales lead Acura to design more brands and become the successful brand it is today. Your Acura focuses on providing you with the utmost performance in every aspect. An important part that contributes to your Acura running smoothly is your brake system. One part of particular importance to your Acura’s brakes are your Acura’s brake pads.

Your Acura brakes are a vital part of your vehicle. Maintaining them properly will prevent any damage to your brake system and assure the longevity of your brakes. After all, you wouldn’t want your brakes to fail on you when you least expect it, like on your way to vacation. That would be a bummer. Your brake pads convert the kinetic energy of the car to thermal energy by friction. This works by using the brake caliper to clamp down or squeeze on your Acura’s brake pads together into the spinning rotor to slow or stop your vehicle. When your Acura brake pad is heated with contact with a rotor it transfers small amounts of friction material to the disc. Your Acura brake pad and rotor then stick to each other providing the friction that stops your Acura.

Since you want to make sure your Acura brake pads do not wear down you’ll need some tips to keep them running for as long as possible. Driving at high speeds over 65 MPH forces your brakes to use more energy when braking. This causes your brakes to turn more energy into heat which then wears down on your brake pads. Looks like the tortoise was right after all, slow and steady wins the race. A very true saying when it comes to the longevity of your Acura brake pads. If you tend to drive your mighty Acura at high speeds you may want to consider slowing down for the good of your brake pads if not you’ll end up needing Acura replacement brakes.

Now slowing down is not the only way to make sure your Acura brake pads last longer. Consider some of these other tips. Coast your way when driving if possible. Coasting works because you reduce your speed without using your brakes. This can prevent a lot of the brake killing speed damage that is done to your Acura brake pads. Make sure to look up and observe traffic so you can know when to slow down without using your Acura brake pads. It’s a good idea to not join in when other people are braking. Some people tend to brake when the car in front of them does even though there is no need to. Be observant so you can learn when it’s better to coast than to brake.

If you need your Acura brakes replaced we offer Acura replacement brakes and Acura brake pads. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help. Our warehouse is stacked with Acura brake pads guaranteed to fit your every need!