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When the word suspension is brought up, no one really thinks about struts or control arms. What pops up in most people's minds are shock absorbers. They are the backbone and the structure of the entire car, maintaining its rigidity and stability even at high speeds and strong turns. They give your car the ride quality and comfort it needs to be drivable, but also allow it to maintain the stiffness and support to allow you to go through corners and not roll on its side. If they break or are just worn out, they'll need replacing. If you find yourself in this predicament, we can help.

The Audi Shock Absorber in your car gives you control of your car at all times, at the same time giving you comfort absorbing bumps in the process. Because a shock is a normal part that wears out like anything else, it's prone to replacement once in a while. When this happens, the Audi Replacement Shocks we offer are as good as they get. They are been designed to have an OEM fitment, with no problems or custom modification needed at all. We chose only the best materials in building them, and they have been designed to last you a very long time. Our Buyer's Guide can help you choose the right product.

There are two types of shock absorbers. Mechanical, and hydraulic. Whatever the type, shock absorbers give your car the support and rigidity it needs. They absorb the potholes and road imperfections and dampen the vibrations. This is done by converting the kinetic energy generated by the up and down movement into a different form of energy, most commonly heat, which is then dissipated. Shock absorbers are combined with cushions and springs. Predicting how much energy it's going to have to withstand and where all that energy will be dissipated is crucial and the most difficult part of designing a shock, our blog has more information about shocks.

Audi is one of the biggest global automakers. It's headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany. The VW holding group holds most of its shares. Audi shares lots of parts, engines, and platforms with companies in the VW group like Skoda, and even high performance brands like Lamborghini. The company's name is a Latin translation of the founder’s name, August Horch. Audi has a very famous subsidiary known as Quattro GmbH. They are responsible for the production of the S and RS models, sold under Audi's brand. They were also responsible for Audi's best performance car, the R8.

The company's racing heritage is something they are very proud of, as they have always been involved in racing, whether it be rally, or track. The most famous rally car of all time is in fact their Audi Quattro. This is the car Audi won the most races with and the reason for their brand being known as a giant in motorsports. All of that racing knowledge has in no doubt developed their road cars too, their rally expertise in particular finding its way into the Audi Shock Absorber of today.

For more details on Audi parts Contact Us without hesitation. We really do hope you gained valuable information about your car and shocks absorbers. Choosing the right shocks, or an entire Audi Shock and Strut shouldn't present an issue for you, now that you've accustomed yourself to how shock absorbers work, and how crucial they are.