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One day you’re driving along the road on the way back home. You just made a left turn when all of a sudden you see a car that drove through the red light coming at. You swerve to try and avoid getting hit but lose control of the car, spin around once and then crash front end first into a tree. Your air bag deploys leaving your face feeling like you just got out of a boxing match. Other than the pain in your face you are unharmed. Your Cadillac on the other hand suffered much more damage. One of the main parts of your suspension that you will surely need to replace is going to be the Cadillac control arm. Let’s take a look at the function of a Cadillac control arm set and what kinds of Cadillac front control arms are available to you.

The Cadillac control arm are what connect your vehicle’s steering rack to the wheels. They also are responsible for holding the wheels to the car’s frame. The control arms are important because they allow your Cadillac to move and control the motion of the wheels so that they may pivot. They also help with round unevenness by lifting the wheels and descending during a change in road conditions. Another function they have is to help the wheels stay in straight lines in relation to the road for a smooth ride. Let’s take a look at the different types of control arms.

There are two types: a lateral and longitudinal Cadillac control arms. Lateral control arms will connect to the chassis of the vehicle and be pointed outward. The A-arm, in this lateral control arm, is what attaches the suspension to the chassis of the vehicle. This is attached by using a rubber bushing. You can have as many as three or four control arms when coil springs are used in both the front and rear. The A-arm control arms will have upper and lower arms. The upper control arms handle driving and braking torque. The lower control arm will provide up-and-down movement for the wheels by pivoting. If two A-arms are used then this is normally refereed to as double wishbone suspension due to its shape.

The other type of Cadillac control arm is the Macpherson strut suspension system. This system will use only one control arm at the bottom of the strut suspension. It works together with the spring and shock absorber. This is most commonly used as a Cadillac front control arms because they tend to be placed in the front suspension and provide steering help. This type of control arm will also be longitudinal because it is controlling the up-and-down movements of the wheels.

Since you know that you will need to get Cadillac replacement control arms come check out what we have in stock. We have many options for you to choose from and all of our Cadillac control arms are guaranteed to fit. They will also come with a one-year warranty and free shipping. If you have any questions after checking us out make sure to go over to our FAQ page for more information or simply give us a call!