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One day you are speeding on your way to work in your shiny, black Cadillac CTS because you are running late for the third time this week. You have been staying up late these past few nights because you are on a Netflix binge and just can’t stop your show. You are frantically trying to get past cars on the freeway to get to your exit and you manage to do so but as you are exiting, still going quite fast, you notice a huge pothole seconds before you drive right over it. You try to change your Cadillac’s direction to no avail and then you suffer through that loud thump! Your front left wheel takes all the impact and you bounce up a little in your seat feeling bad for what you just put your poor Cadillac through. But imagine how much worse that hit could have been for you if your car did not have its Cadillac shock absorber.

The Cadillac shocks are part of your suspension system. Simply put, the main function of your Cadillac shock absorbers is to keep your car from bouncing. You bounced a little when you hit the pothole but only because the shock absorbers took the brunt force applied by that hit. If not your little bounce would have turned into a sporadic one that would have been frightening to be in. Now to get more specific about the function of shock absorbers we need to understand that there are a few types of shock absorbers but they are all designed to absorb and damp shock impulses by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into thermal energy (heat), which then gets dissipated.

The Cadillac shock absorber leads to better ride quality and vehicle handling since again, they are reducing excessive suspension movement with the sole purpose of dampening spring oscillations. The Cadillac shock absorbers use valve oil and gases to absorb excess energy from the springs. These spring rates will be chosen by the Cadillac manufacturer based on the loaded and unloaded weight of your CTS.

So how can you test your Cadillac shock absorbers to see if they need to be changed? You can do something known as bounce test. This is simply what it sounds like, you want to push down on each corner of your bumper and then check to see how it reacts. If it bounces more than twice it’s time to change them. Other signs to look for are going to include a pull when steering, excessive vibrations when driving, excessive dipping when accelerating and braking and uneven wear on tires. Always replace your Cadillac shock absorbers at the same time to avoid any further damage from a shock absorber that will need replacement later on.

We offer all your Cadillac replacement shock absorber needs. Whether you need to get a Cadillac shock and strut set or just Cadillac replacement shocks we are here to provide you with all different types of Cadillac shocks. So contact us for all your Cadillac replacement shock absorber needs!