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Air conditioning was one of the great inventions that spurred the growth of the Southern United States. Due to the invention of air conditioning, the South became a viable place to live and this created rapid population growth in the 1970’s. But air conditioning in homes was not the only place where AC was needed. It was also wanted in cars. The first type of air conditioning system was installed by the Packard Motor Company in 1939 but it was not a very good air conditioner since it was big and had no temperature gauge to turn it off or control how much air came out. The Chrysler Airtemp was the first modern type of air conditioner offered in cars in a Chrysler Imperial in 1953. Therefore, air conditioning is an invention that is not new to cars. Your Ford’s AC system is starting to weaken and you wonder what it could be. It most likely has to do with your Ford A/C compressor. Let’s find out why.

Your Ford AC system is going to consist of six Ford AC components. They are the compressor, receiver drier, condenser, evaporator, expansion valves, and the refrigerant. Let’s take a look at the function of each of these Ford AC components. The most important part of your Ford air conditioning is your Ford AC compressor. The Ford A/C compressor is what takes the refrigerant and pressurizes it in order to cool the air. It is run by an engine belt and has an electronically operated clutch that turns the compressor on and off when you want air conditioning.

The condenser is similar to a radiator but much smaller. It is usually mounted at the front of the car right next to your Ford’s radiator. The hot, compressed air will pass through the condenser and cool down, as it cooling down it becomes a liquid. The evaporator is what the super-cool liquid will pass through forcing air through its tubes and releasing it to the cabin. Once it warms up again the refrigerant starts to turn back into a gas. The expansion valve will help in controlling the flow of cool refrigerant to the evaporator in order for you to control how cold the air gets.

Lastly, the receiver drier is a Ford AC component that will make sure your Ford A/C compressor does not catch any liquid that could damage it. This is because your Ford A/C compressor is supposed to compress the gas form of your refrigerant so if any liquid gets into it it can damage your Ford AC compressor, which could then lead to damage to the rest of your Ford air conditioning system.

Since your Ford AC compressor is such an important part of your Ford AC system it is important to replace it when it is damaged so that you can avoid damage to the rest of your Ford AC components. While the Ford AC compressor is the most costly part of your Ford AC system, its importance is vital to the function of your Ford AC system. Contact us today for the best Ford replacement AC compressor deals!