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Jeep Brake Pad and Rotor Kit

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Jeep Brake Pad and Rotor Kit by Model


You bought your Jeep after you got your first job out of college because you had wanted one since you were a child due to its off-road capabilities and your love to explore the outdoors. You knew your Jeep would be prefect for you and you were right. But it has been some time and you have driven it around a lot and put it through the tough conditions it was built for. You are noticing that your brakes are taking a bit longer to respond when you are braking and also some metal scratching type noise. For you this is a problem because you need your Jeep brakes to function properly so you can feel safe when taking it out on tough terrain. After taking it to the mechanic he informs you that you will need to get a Jeep brake rotor set.

The Jeep rotors are an important part of your Jeep brake system. The brake system has many parts to it but some of the main parts are going to be your brake pads and your brake rotors. Your brake rotor is a rotating disc that helps slow down or stops the vehicle when the brake pads are pressed against its surface. The brake pads have frictional material that makes contact with the rotor to stop or slow down the vehicle.

Some brake pads may be more aggressive than others. What this means is that they make a lot of dust. This dust is iron material coming from your brake pads when it makes contact with the rotors. So a less aggressive brake pad will wear down less on your Jeep rotor. Now some wear on your Jeep rotors is important because it will help the rotor self-clean and function properly since the rotor is getting mildly scrubbed as you drive it helps keep them smooth.

Your Jeep’s brake system is one of the most important systems in the vehicle. Keeping it in good condition is the only way to ensure that it continues to give you the optimal performance you are used to getting from your Jeep brakes. Make sure to check the brake fluid regularly as well to make sure there is not any severe damage done to your Jeep rotors. Now your mechanic has told you your brake rotors need replacing but they are a bit costly. You ask why you cannot just replace the brake pads.

He tells you that since your Jeep brake pad is relying on friction as it pressed against the rotor it will only contact the highest points of the surface since the other parts of it are damaged. This will reduce the stopping ability of your brakes. The deep groves that are cut into the rotor will shred the pad material when pressed against the rotor. So in actuality it will make the problem worse and in the long run will cost you more money.

Make sure to contact us so we can get you a guaranteed to fit Jeep brake rotor set. The Jeep brake rotor set will come with a set of rotors made with the highest quality materials. Since the brake rotors may be difficult to replace you should allow your mechanic to replace it so it is installed correctly. Call us today so we can set you up with your Jeep replacement brake rotors.