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An interesting fact about the Jeep brand was its usefulness to the US military and the Allies in WWII. The Willys MB Jeep went into production in 1941 and became the primary 4-wheel-drive vehicle for the US military and the Allies. Jeep did not start manufacturing civilian models until 1945 where it was the inspiration for other light utility vehicles like the Land Rover. In this article we are going to focus on the importance of your Jeep Fuel pump and when it needs to be replaced.

Jeep fuel pumps can be either manual or electric depending on how old the car is. In a manual pump the fuel pump is mounted to the engine and uses the motion of the engine to pump the fuel, most often driven by the camshaft or a crankshaft. While in an electric fuel pump this will be installed in the fuel tank and will be run by your Jeep’s battery. The electric Jeep fuel pump creates positive pressure in the fuel lines, which then pushes the fuel to the engine. Placing the pump in the fuel tank is advantageous because it places the pump, which is least likely to handle gasoline vapor, farthest from the engine and submerges it in cool liquid. It is also least likely to start a fire since it is not close to the electrical components of the engine.

You Jeep fuel pump is part of the Jeep fuel delivery system whose job it is to get all the fuel delivered to where it needs to go. There are three types of Jeep fuel delivery systems: a conventional, pulse-modulated, and direct injection. In a conventional Jeep fuel delivery system it is either a one or two-line delivery system. In this delivery system the fuel pump works by applying whatever psi of fuel pressure the PCM commands to the fuel injectors by grounding the primary fuel pump relay circuit. Pulse-modulated fuel delivery systems control fuel pressure by changing fuel pump speed using a pressure sensor in the fuel injector rail. Lastly, the direct injection fuel delivery system is the most fuel-efficient because it uses a conventional single-line, low-pressure fuel pump and integral pressure regulation system to supply fuel to a high-pressure mechanical fuel pump mounted on the engine.

Since your Jeep fuel pump is so important in making sure your Jeep can run by supplying it with the fuel it needs it is important to get the correct Jeep fuel pump assembly when it comes time to change it out. Some signs that your Jeep fuel pump is malfunctioning are going to include your engine misfiring, sputtering after driving it at high speeds for a mile or two and then going back to normal and the most severe of them all is your engine not starting at all when you ignite your Jeep.

We can help you with all your Jeep fuel assembly needs so that you can get the correct replacement for your Jeep. Whether you have a manual or electric fuel pump we have it all. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can get you sorted with the Jeep fuel pump that you need!