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Lincoln Brake Pad Set

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What can you say about a Lincoln that can't be said about other cars? Well, for starters, they're very rare and are one of those cars that just have a presence about them. Every time you see one, you just sort of look. They are still normal vehicles though, and are subject to regular maintenance and part failure. Almost every car part will need replacing during the lifetime of the vehicle, and brake pads are no exception.

We carry a great assortment of various car parts, including Lincoln brake pads. Brake pads don't have to be changed at every regular car service, not even every other car service. They do however need to be changed when they are worn out, which is relative to how much you use the car. Sometimes, even when they aren't fully depleted a change is not a bad idea, as it means you have better stopping performance and don't have to worry about going on a longer road trip on old brake pads.

When doing regular service, it's good to at least do a check up on your brakes and pads to see what condition they're in. If in need for new brake pads, our store has brake pads, rotors, and drums in the Lincoln brakes section. All of our products come with at least 1 Year Unlimited Miles Warranty, and are made of the best materials available. High quality design and fabrication was used when creating Lincoln brake pads, and the same can be said for any of our products.

The Lincoln Motor Company is a subdivision of the US based Ford Motor Company, much like Infiniti is to Nissan, and Lexus to Toyota. Lincoln specializes in selling luxury automobiles. The current range consists of two sedans (MKS and MKZ), three crossovers and two SUVs. We offer brake products for the entire Lincoln range, from pads to rotors. You can buy a Lincoln brake pad set from us at an affordable price.

The good thing is that every part fits as it should, as it's been designed and made to be an exact fit. One of the biggest issues with car parts is proper fitment, and that's where most buyers' frustrations come from. A part that should be a simple install but doesn't fit, can lead to major headaches. Our products are guaranteed to be an easy install, as they are designed per OEM standards and dimensions. If you want to learn how to change brake pads or rotors, feel free to check out our how-to section, with instructional videos.

A good way of reducing the wear on the brake pads is to use your speed to your advantage, and coast as much as possible. Too much unnecessary breaking not only wears the pads and rotors, but means you use more fuel to then accelerate to the same speed as before. Surprisingly, many people use their left foot to brake, sometimes unintentionally pressing both the gas and brake pedal at the same time, which is wearing out the brakes at an incredible rate. Only using your right foot to brake can prevent this.

With all of these tips and information about brake pads, we hope that you have not only learned something you didn't know, but are also able to make a right choice for you and your car.