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You like to push your Mazda to the limit by driving it at high speeds, much to the dismay of your family. The problem you encounter the most though is driving on bad roads. Your highways aren’t paved and have a lot of little bumps and uneven road patterns. You know this is made worse when driving at high speeds but you feel your Mazda can handle. Until one day you start to take even more notice of these bumps while driving. Your Mazda is very bouncy and your ride is extremely uncomfortable, not making it very joyful to ride. So you start slowing down but the bounciness and jerkiness of the Mazda continues. This is most likely because you have a problem with your Mazda shock absorber. Let’s go ahead and find out what a Mazda shock absorber does and your options for a Mazda replacement shock absorber.

A Mazda shock absorber is a mechanical or hydraulic device whose job it is to absorb and dampen shock impulses when driving over bumps or imperfect road conditions. This energy conversion occurs when kinetic energy of the shock absorber is converted into another form of energy; typically heat energy. A shock absorber is a type of dashpot. This means that it is a mechanical device that resists motion through viscous friction. Your Mazda shock absorber will be located in your suspension system and due to its function it improves your ride quality and the handling of the vehicle.

Now when it comes to the types of shock absorber you can have you will either have twin-tube or mono-tube. These can both come with different variations. The first type we will talk about are the twin-tube shock absorbers. A basic twin-tube shock absorber will have, you guessed it, and two nested cylindrical tubes. An inner tube known as the working or pressure tube and an outer tube known as the reserve tube. At the bottom of the shock absorber inside there will a compression valve or a base valve. It works by moving the piston up and down by bumps from the road. The hydraulic fluid moves between different chambers through small orifices in the piston and the valve. This is what converts the shock (kinetic) energy into heat energy that then gets dispersed out.

In a mono-tube Mazda shock absorber there is only one tube but it has two pistons. These pistons are called the working piston and the dividing or floating piston. These will move in pace with each other inside the pressure tube when there are bumps on the road. Another thing the pistons do is separate the shock absorbers fluid and gas components. The design of a mono-tube shock absorber is a much longer overall design and does not have directionality. It also does not contain a compression valve like the twin-tube shock absorber. While it is hard to mount in vehicles made for twin-tube shock absorbers it can still be done.

So since your Mazda shock absorber is worn out you are going to need Mazda replacement shocks. Check out our inventory page and simply select the Mazda make so you can see all of the options we have available for you. If you are in need of a Mazda shock and strut set we also carry those options for you. Be sure to contact us with any questions you have so we can get you on your way!